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The Girl on the Mountain May Rose Married Young And Unwisely, And Now Her Husband Has Abandoned Her In A Rough Town Ruled By One Of The Lumber Companies Logging The Last Of The Eastern Virgin Forest She Has Nothing But Her Wits, A Litter Of Pigs, And The Attachment Of A Wild, Homeless Girl Somehow She Must Survive, But In 1899 There Are Few Honorable Options For A Woman On Her Own The Girl On The Mountain Is A Heartening, At Times Chilling Story Of How May Rose Finds Friends, Escapes Predatory Men, And Protects The Girl Who Sleeps With A Doll Clutched Tight And A Knife Under Her Pillow.

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    I think Carol wrote this book just for me Well, maybe not, but it is a beautifully written book that hit the nail right on the head for me It will grab you and wrap you up in its characters lives Don ...

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    Carol Ervin captures the triumphs, tribulations, and feel of the late 1800s perfectly in The Girl on the Mountain Life at this time was real rough for women, and the same holds true as May Rose Long must contend with company hardliners and brothels while caring for herself and a young girl This no...

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    Captivating, compelling and a whole lot of other C words come to mind, like Couldn t put it down Carol Ervin s writing is subtle and strong, the setting is powerfully portrayed without getting in the way, there s an undercurrent of dread that creeps along The Girl on the Mountain is one of the best books I ve read lately the best I ve read by an indie author Seldom have I felt so transpor

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    This is usually the kind of book I like one of those West Virginia mountain stories centered around logging camps and company towns Young woman who gets a rotten deal from a pretty boy husband has to find her way after he abandons her with no support But I just couldn t get emotionally involved in May Rose s struggle, her connection with Wanda her husband s daughter by another woman that M

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    March is Women s History Month, a good time to read well researched, well written historical fiction like Carol Ervin s The Girl on the Mountain If you ever feel nostalgic for the good old days, if you long for simpler times, the kind Ervin evokes with sounds of leaf whisper and high cricket drone and hawks making lazy circles in the sky, and if you think this was the clean time, when the e

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    La ambientaci n me gust , nunca hab a le do novelas en el Lejano Oeste pero avanza muy lentamente y ninguno de los personajes es querible.

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    A copy of the book was provided to me as part of the Goodreads Reviewer Program Thank you to the author for making this available.I ve had a copy of this book sitting on my TBR shelf for months As a disclaimer, I want to throw out there that I read historical fiction for entertainment, for mostly the happy endings and insight into what life was like during another time period So, when I was e

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    Good bookGood book The ending is surprising May read the rest of sequel Books 2 and 3 Worth reading and decide for yourself.

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    Nicely detailed historical, but not enough happens

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    Good old days never wereThis review contains spoilers at the end I love historical fiction from this era when it is historically accurate as far as I can tell This book had accuracy of social history like no other book I ve ever read No nostalgia for the good old days when chivalry was not dead The story was set in a Virginia sawmill town a place that God forgot as one side character remarked It

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