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The Flatey Enigma Ketilsey Island, Near This Deserted Island Off The Western Coast Of Iceland, The Dawning Of Spring Brings With It New Life For The Local Wildlife But For The Decaying Body Discovered By Three Seal Hunters, Winter Is A Matter Of Permanence After It Is Found To Be A Danish Cryptographer Missing For Months, The Ensuing Investigation Uncovers A Mysterious Link Between Him And A Medieval Manuscript Known As The Book Of FlateyBefore Long Another Body Is Found On Flatey, Another Tiny Island Off The Western Coast This Time, In The Ancient Viking Tradition, The Victim S Back Has Been Mutilated With The So Called Blood Eagle Kjartan, The District Magistrate S Representative Sent To Investigate The Crime, Soon Finds Himself Descending Into The Dark, Dangerous World Of Ancient Legends, Symbology, And Secret Societies To Find The KillerViktor Arnar Ingolfsson S Glass Key Nominated Nordic Mystery Captures The Era With Visceral Authenticity And The Austere Quiet Of A World Far Off The Beaten Track Full Of Surprising Humor, Complex Clues, And Brooding Intensity, The Flatey Enigma Is So Captivating You Won T Be Able To Put The Book Down Until Kjartan Has Cracked The Code

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    This is a mystery with different meanings, with a couple of mysteries threading through out the whole story and the dead bodies are almost incidental to the true story which is a snapshot of small Icelandic island life during the 1960 s If you re a fan of modern formula driven mysteries, or hard and fast action, this book will bor

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    Book reviewIceland with a population of 321,857 is considered the most sparsely populated country in Europe and given that at most 1 or 2 murders annually are reported in the entire country it is not the first place readers might venture to discover new crime fiction authors And for most of the twentieth century publishers agreed.Flatey Isl

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    A slightly expanded version of this review can be found on Crime Fiction LoverThe year is 1960 Kjartan, a rather green functionary from the local magistrate s office, reluctantly steps off the boat on the tiny Icelandic island of Ketilsey to file a report about a dead body found by local seal hunters Not used to field work, he hopes to endure the loc

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    There really is a series of Icelandic sagas called The Flatey Book Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson has crafted an interesting mystery story about a couple of strange deaths around the Island of Flatey in Iceland s Westfjord country For once, there is no super smooth investigator, only several officials trying to put two and two together.The motivating factor is a seri

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    Although the professionals from Reykjavik are finally sent for, it s the amateurs who really do the lion s share of the murder investigations in The Flatey Enigma, and I found following them around this remote area of western Iceland to be fascinating As villagers are interviewed, as they help guide the magistrate s assistant from place to place, the reader learns a lot

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    This gently paced novel has several threads interwoven like a skein of different coloured wool.The first thread is an investigation into one death, then a second But are either of these deaths murder The second thread is an evocative insight into life as it was in this remote part of Iceland in 1960 Another is excerpts from the sagas, read by an as yet unidentified person Kjartan

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    This book is actually a decent story and makes for a somewhat typical mystery The Icelandic setting and reliance on a historical Icelandic Norse manuscript as a center focus adds a somewhat unique twist, but in many ways, it doesn t move any further than being a Icelandic version of a Dan Brown novel a la The Davinci Code.The story is entertaining and quick, however, so it isn t what I wou

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    This is an old fashioned cozy In fact, since it takes place in 1960, I thought it might be a reprint from a book published that year.I like meandering stories with out of the norm characters And since it s set in Flatey, part of Iceland, I enjoyed learning about the culture and relations between Icelanders and other like countries.A Danish professor studying the Flatey Enigma an unsolved modern enig

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    This one was really interesting It s a mystery thriller taking place on a small island, in Icland, in the 60s To be honest, if I wouldn t have read about it being in the 60s, I wouldn t have known, because the people were like I would expect them to be, living on a remote island A dead man is found and soon everybody thinks the dead one is connected with an old book, the book of flatey, which exists in the re

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    I bought this book because it was the Kindle deal of day meaning cheap , it had alright reviews, and it was set in iceland, a place I have never read much about I did read in thereviews that the English translation is awful, which it is, and that the story can be slow, which it also is But aside from this I enjoyed this book Hopefully if you go in knowing it s main shortcomings it will make it easier to read and ignore

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