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The Fates Will Find Their Way A Masterful Literary Debut That Shines A Light Into The Dream Filled Space Between Childhood And All That Follows, The Fates Will Find Their Way Is A Story About The Stories We Tell Ourselves Of Who We Once Were And May Someday Become.Sixteen Year Old Nora Lindell Is Missing And The Neighborhood Boys She S Left Behind Are Caught Forever In The Heady Current Of Her Absence As The Days And Years Pile Up, The Mystery Of Her Disappearance Grows Kaleidoscopically A Collection Of Rumors, Divergent Suspicions, And Tantalizing What Ifs, Nora Lindell S Story Is A Shadowy Projection Of Teenage Lust, Friendship, Reverence, And Regret, Captured Magically In The Disembodied Plural Voice Of The Boys Who Still Long For Her Told In Haunting, Percussive Prose, Hannah Pittard S Beautifully Crafted Novel Tracks The Emotional Progress Of The Sister Nora Left Behind, The Other Families In Their Leafy Suburban Enclave, And The Individual Fates Of The Boys In Her Thrall Far Eager To Imagine Nora S Fate Than To Scrutinize Their Own, The Boys Sleepwalk Into An Adulthood Of Jobs, Marriages, Families, Homes, And Daughters Of Their Own, All The While Pining For A Girl And A Life That No Longer Exists, Except In The Imagination A Masterful Literary Debut That Shines A Light Into The Dream Filled Space Between Childhood And All That Follows, The Fates Will Find Their Way Is A Story About The Stories We Tell Ourselves Of Who We Once Were And May Someday Become.

About the Author: Hannah Pittard

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    The Fates Will Find Their Way is Hannah Pittard s debut novel published in 2011 A group of middle aged men who went to the same private school and now live in the same neighborhood as adults are unable to move past the disappearance of classmate Nora Lindell when they were sixteen This novel is a look back on the what ifs and a reflection on their own lives Written in a collective voice so we hear from the entire group of friends, we ge

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    Finely crafted fiction that ultimately left me unsatisfied, The Fates Will Find Their Way wasperformance art than story,ambience than psychological insight,melancholy goo than piercing insight Many have compared Hannah Pittard s use of the first person plural narration to The Virgin Suicides, and so did I, even before I read a single review, and despite having never read Jeffrey Eugenides s book Perhaps it was a deliberate answer to the 1

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    Without knowing anything about the author or the buzz for this book, I felt after reading it that it s destined to be a darling of the critics and end up on a lot of Best of 2011 lists My first problem is that it kept reminding me over and over of a much better book Jeffrey Eugenides The Virgin Suicides Like that book, it s short, it s got a kind of dreamlike tone to it, the catalytic tragic event involving a teenage girl takes place in rou

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    I did not like this book At all Not one bit I cannot find one minute piece of redeeming value in it The sad thing is that I expected to enjoy it as one of the book review blogs I read listed it as one of their favorite books they will probably read all year.First of all, the narrator s of the book are a group of men, who grew up together and had one of their classmates disappear while they were in high school And then they were obsessed with

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    I m not sure if I really liked this book, but I know that I really liked the writing There are beautiful sentences and imagery and ideas strung out here There is a kind of twinkling to Pittard s prose It is that pink time of night It s that time of night just before our wives come to bed We can hear them rummaging about in the kitchen beneath us, turning off lights, returning a stray dish to its rightful place in the cabinet, giving the dog a f

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    Hmm This is a novel by a young woman who imagines a chorus of suburban boys perverted, imaginative, creepy as narrators Everything here is told in first person plural We were creeps, We went to Danny s basement apartment, We wondered what happened to her It s a nifty effect for a short story, but over the long haul of a novel, it presents problems We quit caring The narrators become two dimensional, hollow.The boys six or seven, I ve lost count l

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    Take the nostalgia of The Wonder Years, add the boys club feeling of The Sandlot, and mix in the dark and complicated narration of Jeffrey Eugenides The Virgin Suicides, and you will arrive at an approximation of the tenor of Hannah Pittard s debut, The Fates Will Find Their Way.In a time that must be somewhere in the mid Atlantic around the mid 1980s, a group of boys comes of age Yet, in the midst of their growin...

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    In your endless summer night I ll be on the other side.When you re beautiful and dying All the world that you ve denied What does Hole s Boys on the Radio have to do with Hannah Pittard s The Fates Will Find Their Way A Novel besides me wishing I d written them both To me, both Courtney Love Hannah Pittard or perhaps Billy Corgan for Courtney Love perfectly evoke a sense of youthful longing that is so incredibly intense, it s hard to move past it Pit

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    This book reminded me so much of The Virgin Suicides in that the narrative is of boys who have since become men obsessing over two elusive girls Nora and Sissy Lindell Norathan Sissy They observe these girls too closely, obsess over them too deeply, while their wives are in the next room They sit together and reminisce and they cling to Nora, who has been missing for years, wondering always what she has been up to all of these years refusing to think t

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    None of us was stupid We were just dreamers Caught in the dream of the Lindells and what might have been There are plenty of books about missing teenagers That s certainly nothing new But typically these narratives are focused on unraveling the mystery of what happened In The Fates Will Find Their Way, Hannah Pittard takes a different approach What if we never find out What then When 16 year old Nora Lindell disappears from her cozy Mid Atlantic town, th

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