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The Faithful Scribe: A Story of Islam, Pakistan, Family, and War A Journalist Explores His Family S History To Reveal The Hybrid Cultural And Political Landscape Of Pakistan, The World S First Islamic Democracy Shahan Mufti S Family History, Which He Can Trace Back Fourteen Hundred Years To The Inner Circle Of The Prophet Muhammad, Offers An Enlightened Perspective On The Mystifying History Of Pakistan Mufti Uses The Stories Of His Ancestors, Many Of Whom Served As Judges And Jurists In Muslim Sharia Courts Of South Asia For Many Centuries, To Reveal The Deepest Roots Real And Imagined Of Islamic Civilization In Pakistan More Than A Personal History, The Faithful Scribe Captures The Larger Story Of The World S First Islamic Democracy, And Explains How The State That Once Promised To Bridge Islam And The West Is Now Threatening To Crumble Under Historical And Political Pressure, And Why Pakistan S Destiny Matters To Us All

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    I am usually quite wary of non fiction and the quiet boredom it instills in my story loving soul but I bought this book after hearing of Shahan Mufti at the Lahore Literary Festival 2014 The annual book fair in Lahore offered a 15% discount on it, and the cover promised to reveal a story of Islam, Pakistan, family and w

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    Finished this book this weekend in Rye, NH If I could recommend one book about family roots, Islam and an easy to read history about Pakistan, this is the one I enjoyed reading Shahan Mufti s The Faithful Scribe Mufti is an American, born in Ohio, and his family is from Lahore, Pakistan His father taught at an Ohio college a

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    The author presents the history of Pakistan as it parallels the history of his family The title and opening paragraphs imply that there will be a full sweep, but most if it relates to Pakistan established 1947 as a nation There is some content on the British colonial era, a bit on the partition and less on earlier times.Rather th

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    The book kept me glued to the pages, which was pretty commendable as the gist of the story was known to me and to every Pakistani The Pakistani family as an institution has grown from strength to strength as the government writ has weakened I guess the when any government grows weaker, other players will fill the vacuum created The fe

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    The Faithful Scribe is a story of Islam, Pakistan, family and war, the cultural and religious roots of modern Pakistan Shahan Mufti gives a complete history of the complicated country of Pakistan He delves into how continued political and historical strife continues to plague the mesh of Islam and the West Mufti notes the first Islamic De

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    Born in Ohio, but raised largely in Lahore, Pakistan, Mufti frames this memoir as a response to a question his wife asked Why is Pakistan such a mess His talent for explaining the political through the personal particularly the tormented embrace between his two home countries benefits from the uncanny convergence of his family s milestones with

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    I wanted to like itbut I got thrown off when he states there is such a thing as good violence along with bad violence He never went on to explain what this good violence is and how it is classified separately from bad violence.

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    I was fascinated by the book from the first page The book takes us through the history of Pakistan through the family tree of Shahan Mufti It takes us through the initial days of the birth of Pakistan to the political upheaval and socio economic conditions that prevailed in the country As a neighbouring country which has it very roots in Pakistan too , i

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    The connection between the religion Islam and democracy in Pakistan explained with a family history of writer Shahan mufti The influence of culture in the newly created democratic nation drives the religion under different languages and ethnicities The influence of the west is also explained how this interesting cocktail works for the people of Pakistan An en

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    Mufti is a talented and faithful scribe The title suggests the multiple perspectives, each covered with great insight and meaning As a result I better appreciate the complexities that are contemporary Pakistan, and the emphasis placed on family and heritage At the end of this hard to put down read Mufti acknowledges the many global conflicts ongoing when his paren

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