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The Expeditioners and the Secret of King Triton's Lair Kit, Zander, And M K West Are Settling Into Their New Lives As Students At The Academy For The Exploratory Sciences When Kit Finds Another Mysterious Map Left For Him By Their Father, The Brilliant, Famous And Presumed Dead Explorer Alexander West Why Did Alexander Leave The Maps Behind, And Why Are Government Agents So Determined To Seize Them What Is Really Going On In A Mysterious And Unknown Stretch Of The Caribbean, Famous For Its Violent Storms And Shipwrecks And What Is The Huge Contraption M K Is Building In Her Workshop As Two World Powers Come To The Brink Of War, Kit Must Find A Deadly Hidden Island And Unlock Its Secrets, Hoping He Has The Courage To Follow The Trail Of Maps, Wherever It May Lead

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    Reviewing a book won via Goodreads First Reads, with thanks The Expeditioners and the Secret of King Triton s Lair is the 2nd book in the terrific Expeditioners series, and frankly, I can t wait forBack in 2013, I reviewed the first book, The Expeditioners and the Treasure of Drowned Man s Canyon, and I was so happy to get book 2 without too huge a wait in b

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    Oh good heavens, I thought I would never make it to the end with Kit acting all like Harry Potter book 5 view spoiler Yes, no one understands him the girl he likes likes his big brother instead everyone has their own thing and it s tough to be on your own with a secret destiny hide spoiler Thankfully the action kept driving everything along and the storyline was

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    The second adventure for these three siblings and their friend This time they have to venture to the bottom of the sea to find King Triton Lair to discover the next map their father left for Kit.Suspense, adventure, hint of romance, sibling rivalry, nasty enemies Includes something for most middle grade readers.

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    Just as good as book 1 So excited to read book 3 TURTLESSSSSS Users Madeline Desktop Randomness Gifs and gifs and gifs Star Turtles.gifokay Sorry Ignore me and my inherent weirdness.

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    a good fllow up to the first My son enjoyed the adventures Characters are developing in a real way.

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    what a great book I loved the plot, and how much character transferred from the first book to the second, Loved It

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    I ve read this book about 4 or 5 times and every time it s still a page turner and it leaves me wantingI would recommend this book to anyone seeking to read a page turning adventure Hugh 13

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    It was good

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    This book was good, although there was a bit of romance.

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    Synopsis After their escapades in Drowned Man s Canyon in the first book, Kit, Zander, M.K West and Sukey are back in another adventure When Kit s supposedly dead father gives him clues that lead to an island in the North Carribean, Kit finds the perfect excuse to go there via an expedition request After the Drowned Man s Canyon fiasco, the Wests joined the Academy for the Exploratory Sciences a school

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