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The Exodus You Almost Passed Over Another fantastic work by Fohrman Years ago, I had been following many of Fohrman s lectures through the Hoffberger Institute and some of my favorite material had been his work on Jacob, Joseph and the Exodus He even had a video series on YouTube that allowed you to follow his teaching through the story of the Exodus It was incredible and then it disappeared.I now know why He has expanded on much of his material and put it together in this book The path he takes to weave the details together is fantastic and easy to follow, all without sacrificing the intellectual wrestling that is necessary for good rabbinic teaching.If you enjoyed The Beast That Crouches At the Door as I did and if you thought that he even got better with his observations in The Queen You Thought You Knew on the story of Esther, than I think you will find that he continues to grow in his ability to community through writing here in this book An incredible read that examines the Text and takes the reader Is There An Exodus Story That We Almost Passed Over Every Year We Read The Story Of The Israelites Exodus From Egypt It Seems Like Something We Already Know But Do We Questions Haunt The Careful Reader Among Them Doesn T The Name Passover Seem A Bit Strange Why Not Just Call It Freedom Day, Or Independence Day And Did The Exodus Have To Be So Complicated Couldn T An All Powerful Deity Have Teleported The Israelites Out Of Egypt And Spared Everyone The Arduous Process Of The Ten Plagues Then There S The Uncomfortable Parts Of The Exodus Why, Exactly, Did God Have To Harden Pharaoh S Heart Was That Really Fair In This Book, Rabbi Fohrman Invites Us To Look At The Exodus Story With Fresh Eyes To Join Him, As It Were, On A Guided Adventure, A Close Reading Of The Ancient Biblical Text In So Doing, Rabbi Fohrman Reveals A Side Of The Exodus Story That Illuminates Not Just Our Past, But Our Future, And Tells Not Only Of Our Freedom, But Of Our Destiny This Book Will Uncover Secrets That Lay Hidden In This Ancient And Sacred Saga It Tells The Tale Of The Exodus You Thought You Knew. R David Fohrman never disappoints He has an uncanny ability to see connections between various biblical sections and stories that shed light upon one another and add meaning to the text Even after reading the exodus chapters and reviewing the Passover story yearly , through this work, I disco Would have given it five stars but the writing, while conversational, sometimes feels like a drawn out sermon The material is fascinating, though and well worth reading. Deep, insightful tapestry of ideasThe author s ability to provide a fresh lens by which to examine a timeless text is remarkable and rewarding This book provides a thematic depth to the Exodus story I recommend it to any student of Torah, inclu Fohrman s book is definitely an eye opener to the wonders of the Egypt story This was a book that was hard to put down Fohrman s writing keeps the reader engaged in a way that few authors are capable of doing Why is the Jewish festival of redemption from Egypt called Passover instead of Independence Day or something heroic sounding Why did Hashem harden Pharaoh s heart Why were all those plagues in the order they were in We often think we know all there is to know about the Exodus story, but this book will leave you humbled It will make you not only realize that you know very little about the Passover saga, but very little at all about the whole Bible And it will make you fall in love with your Creator even , knowing that He loves Passover 2018, page 60

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