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The Elephantom I liked the flow of this book And of course adults can t see the phantom animals, they re not cool enough Great illustrations, with neat background stuff. A young girl has a phantom elephant living in her house It causes mischief and gets her in trouble Her parents can t see it and don t believe her When she can t take it any , she goes to her grandma for What Do You Do When A Ghostly Elephant Won T Leave You Alone When A Phantom Elephant Turns Up Uninvited And Starts Getting A Little Girl Into Trouble, She Has No Idea How To Make Him Go Away But Her Grandmother Happens To Have A Menagerie Of Phantom Pets Herself, So She Knows Just Who To Go To For Help The Shopkeeper At Spectral Son He Gives Her A Box Does It Hold The Solution The National Gallery of Scotland had this really cool exhibit around Christmastime where they displayed art from established children s illustrators and up and coming artists they had mentored As soon as I saw the art from this book, I feel in love, even without the accompanying story, the concept was wonderful Then, imagine my joy a few months later when I se What do you do when you are stuck with an imaginary elephantom and you get blamed for everything Great picture book showing that sometimes seeing things that others can t isn t always the best thing and that sometimes Grandmas know just what to do. Meh, it is a cute story but I thought that the author could have done with the story It is short and sweet and the illustrations are really flowing, soft, and lovely I think that this book pails in comparison to Whimsical art makes this picture book a delight It s a funny idea and is well done. Fun playful idea, the colors of the illustrations are cool. A girl is haunted by the ghost of an elephant, which makes messes and other such young readership friendly issues Of course, the girl s parents don t believe her But her grandmother has lots of ghost pets and knows just how to get rid of an elephantom I don t like the r I can t remember without looking at the book and it s inside the house right now, while I m outside in the sleepout just when I bought it, but I m pretty sure it was after both my kids were too old for picture books Obviously it appealed to me It s not one of those brilliant books that delight with their cleverness, but the idea of a phantom elephant creating havoc is most amusing At first, one thinks it s going to be a story about an imaginary elephant, somewhat like The Horse in Harry s Room, but the plot resolution sorts out the reader s doubts Very funny.I like the illustrations too they re bright and

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