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The Devils Alliance History Remembers The Soviets And The Nazis As Bitter Enemies Whose Conflict Was The Decisive Clash Of World War II Yet Hitler And Stalin Signed A Treaty Of Nonaggression That Lasted For Nearly A Third Of The War, And That Is Key To Understanding Why The War Evolved And Ended The Way It Did.In The Devils Alliance, Roger Moorhouse Explains How The Two Powers Though Ideologically Opposed Forged A Brutally Efficient Partnership, Exchanging Raw Materials And Machinery And Orchestrating The Division Of Poland And The Baltic States Hundreds Of Thousands Caught Between Hitler And Stalin Were Killed Or Deported But Ironically, By Sharing Materiel And Technological Expertise During The Pact, The Nazis And Soviets Made Possible A Far Bloody And Protracted War Than Would Have Been Otherwise Conceivable.Combining Comprehensive Research With A Gripping Narrative, The Devils Alliance Is The Authoritative History Of The Nazi Soviet Pact And A Portrait Of The People Whose Lives Were Irrevocably Altered By The Alliance.

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    The Devil s Alliance Hitler s Pact with Stalin, 1939 1941 by Roger Moorhouse, is a book outlining the Molotov Ribbentrop pact between Nazi Germany and the USSR, which marked the dividing of Eastern Europe between those two powers The book looks at the early days of the treaty, including the meeting of Ribbentrop the foreign minister of Nazi Germany and his counterpart in the USSR, Molotov A semi jo

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    The Devil s Alliance Forgotten by Many but not the FewOn 23rd August 1939 in the presence of Stalin his Foreign Minister Molotov signed a pact with the German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop and at the same time carved up the future of Eastern Europe between them When I was taught history at school the pact was nothingthan a footnote in history quickly glossed over and forgotten As one of the Polish Diaspora my

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    A less than perfect study of the Ribbentrop Molotov pact The economical dimension is most interesting, but discussed with less interest than the chronicle of mutually comitted mass atrocities These ride the tailcoats of Bloodlands Europe Between Hitler and Stalin and would benefit from a little Eastern European antropology as Christopher Browning and Daniel Goldhagen have done for German society The final chapter cove

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    Excellent, one of the best books I ve read this year Essential for anyone with an interest in WW2 and post WW2 history and politics Can t recommend highly enough.

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    I was slightly underwhelmed by this book to be honest It clocks in rather modestly at just over 300 pages, of which 40 or so are devoted to a very brief precis of the early stages of Operation Barbarossa, much of which really falls outside the scope of the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact Ofinterest is the lasting legacy of the pact, particularly in the Baltic States, but again this is dealt with rather perfunctorily in the epilogue The body of t

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    Since the end of the Second World War, people in the West have been taught about how heroically we stood with the Soviet Union and wiped Nazism from the face of the Earth Possibly out of kindness towards Stalin for his assistance or else out of pity for the incredible hardship Russian soldiers faced, the fact that for the first half of WWII Stalin and Hitler were allies has fallen into the realm of historical amnesia Britons, Americans and the oth

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    Please give my review ona helpful vote Soviet Union and Communism have received an amazing pass with respect to their complicity in starting World War II In Rolf Hochhuth s bloated whale of a play, ASIN 0802142427 The Deputy Black cat book , Hochhuth has a character condemn the Pope for not siding with Russia over Germany Hochhuth has his character, Father Riccardo, ask Riccardo Permit me, Your Eminence the moral right, surely, is Please give my review ona

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    A description of events around Molotov Ribbentrof Pact signed in August 1939 and which led to partition of Poland the following month The author covers the events following the pact till the attack on Russia in 1941 More detailed description follows.SIGNING THE PACTOn 31st of March 1939 the British government extended a guarantee to Poland to aid her in case of any action threatening its independence Hitler was furious His advisers suggested talks with Russia In the

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    On August 23rd, 1939, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union shocked the world by entering into a nonaggression pact They were not merely neighbors and rival powers ruled by domineering men who loathed one another their respective ideologies viewed the other as the chief menace to civilization Yet now, the fists which shook in anger were now extended in friendship, and Europe seemed doomed Within weeks of the pact s signing, German and Soviet armies had both swept into Poland, igni

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    This is a brilliant book, but at the risk of sounding pompous, it is an important one.Much has been written on comparisons between Hitler and Stalin The Devils Alliance lets the facts speak for themselves They werethan coincidental actors on the world European stage they were allies who divided Europe in half Hitler s actions were endorsed and mirrored by his later enemy World War II is the story of them both Churchill and the UK are a sideshow After reading this, it is hard to re This

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