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The Culture of Critique MacDonald Provides A Theoretical Analysis And Review Of Data On The Widespread Tendency Among Highly Influential, Jewish Dominated Intellectual Movements To Develop Radical Critiques Of Gentile Culture That Are Compatible With The Continuity Of Jewish Identification These Movements Are Viewed As The Outcome Of The Fact That Jews And Gentiles Have Different Interests In The Construction Of Culture And In Various Public Policy Issues E.g Immigration Policy, Israel Several Of These Movements Attempt To Combat Anti Semitism By Advocating Social Categorization Processes In Which The Jew Gentile Distinction Is Minimized In Importance There Is Also A Tendency To Develop Theories Of Anti Semitism In Which Ethnic Differences And Resource Competition Are Of Minimal Importance From The Perspective Of The Intellectual Structures Developed By These Movements, Anti Semitism Is Analyzed As An Indication Of Psychopathology Among Gentiles In Some Cases, These Movements Appear To Be Attempts To Develop A Fundamental Restructuring Of The Intellectual Basis Of Gentile Society In Ways Conducive To The Continued Existence Of Judaism.Particular Attention Is Paid To Boasian Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, Leftist Political Ideology And Behavior, And The Frankfurt School Of Social Research Each Of These Movements Can Be Characterized As An Authoritarian Political Movement Centered Around A Charismatic Leader Who Strongly Identified As A Jew And Who Was Idolized By His Disciples Who Were Also Predominantly Jewish Regarding Immigration Policy, Jewish Political And Intellectual Activity Was Motivated Less By A Desire For Higher Levels Of Jewish Immigration Than By Opposition To The Implicit Theory That America Should Be Dominated By Individuals With Northern And Western European Ancestry Jewish Policy Was Aimed At Developing An America Charcterized By Cultural Pluralism And Populated By Groups Of People From All Parts Of The World Rather Than By A Homogeneous Christian Culture And Populated Largely By People Of European Descent This Is A Controversial Analysis Of Particular Interest To Those Concerned With Evolutionary Approaches To Human Behavior, With Judaica, And With An Evolutionary Perspective On History And Psychology.

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    This is the single most important book in modern literature.

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    I ve always been open to many facets of the JQ but this volume was eye opening on so many levels.It was a difficult read, not because it was hard to comprehend It was difficult to finish because at the end of each chapter I would sit there.Thinking about all that I have just read, completely dumbstruck, connecting the dots between jewish activ

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    A remarkably hegemonic understanding of how and why Western heritage and tradition have been gaslighted nearly out of existence.

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    Horrible booka totally 2002 rendition of Elders of ZionThis book is 804 pages of utter antisemitic garbage with all its traditional anti Jewish stereotypesAll Jewish conspiracies are fully described in this hate manual like Jewish economic supremacy,Hollywood Media domination,Israel lobby and foreign policy, Jewish tribalism etcCrux of h...

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    Well researched and disturbing analysis of Judaism from an evolutionary perspective.The first paperback edition includes the issues of Jewish involvement in Communism, the emergence of the Holocaust as a central cultural icon in Western societies, Jewish involvement in the US media, and the role of Jewish organizations in censoring the Internet.MacDonald s work is an en

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    Stupid unsubstantiated load of crap Seriously what starts as what appears to be a well reasoned look into the Jewish people quick devolves into an alt right justification for antisemitism Seriously if you think Jews control the world and that the naz...

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    Interesting read In this regard it is interesting that many neoconservative Jewish intellectuals in the contemporary United States have rejected corporate, statist ideologies as a direct consequence of the recongintion that these ideologies have resulted in corporate, state sponsored anti semitism Indeed, the beginnings of the neoconservative movement can be traced to the Moscow Trials o

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    This is, after all, in the dictionary definition of the term, an anti Semitic book Its entire argument is that the Jews, collectively, are up to no good This may of course be true, and MacDonald is entitled to say that the issue of whether his results are anti Semitic is nugatory, from a social science point of view, by comparison with the issue of their truth content I agree with that, too but g

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    Super fascinating look at Jewish influence in politics, culture, and academia throughout the last 150 years or so I m not sure why people are calling it antisemitic, rather I think it stands to a testament to the Jewish people It is remarkable the amount of radical...

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    really made me think

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