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The Copywriters Handbook The Classic Guide To Copywriting, Now In An Entirely Updated Third EditionThis Is A Book For Everyone Who Writes Or Approves Copy Copywriters, Account Executives, Creative Directors, Freelance Writers, Advertising Managers Even Entrepreneurs And Brand Managers It Reveals Dozens Of Copywriting Techniques That Can Help You Write Ads, Commercials, And Direct Mail That Are Clear, Persuasive, And Get Attention And Sell Products Among The Tips Revealed Are Eight Headlines That Work And How To Use Them Eleven Ways To Make Your Copy Readable Fifteen Ways To Open A Sales Letter The Nine Characteristics Of Successful Print Ads How To Build A Successful Freelance Copywriting Practice Fifteen Techniques To Ensure Your E Mail Marketing Message Is OpenedThis Thoroughly Revised Third Edition Includes All New Essential Information For Mastering Copywriting In The Internet Era, Including Advice On Web And E Mail Based Copywriting, Multimedia Presentations, And Internet Research And Source Documentation, As Well As Updated Resources Now Indispensable Than Ever, The Copywriter S Handbook Remains The Ultimate Guide For People Who Write Or Work With Copy I Don T Know A Single Copywriter Whose Work Would Not Be Improved By Reading This Book David Ogilvy

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    The three stars are because I imagine this book must be very helpful for those who write copy, yet I didn t find this book particularly useful nor engaging myself I didn t find anything worth taking notes on.My takeaways were Be clear Be brief.Use understandable yet incorrect grammar if it helps with being both clear and brief e.g sentence fragment

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    Bly does exactly what he recommends deliver the facts I think I had to pause every other sentence just to think for a second and actually process the information This is a textbook and therefore takes a lot of concentration The information is excellent, however I give it 3 stars because it doesn t cover all of the aspects of copywriting that I encounter I thi

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    I think I read the third edition the first time I ordered a copy, but I think this one is the first or second it s quite different which is a bit surprising I actually think this one is better if my original review is accurate it s pretty hard to say as most of the information in the book is fairly general there s not much in here not in a dozen other books It was nice

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    As a professional software developer rather than a copywriter, my assessment may be unfair, but The Copywriters s Handbook disappointed me My biggest writing desire is to write persuasively in the shortest amount of space While the book did teach some of that, there was plenty that was completely uninteresting to me.My best suggestion is to read the book, but be prepared to skip

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    I must say that this is a very handful book for advertising students as well as for beginners in copywriting You can say this is a sort of a manual book in copywriting What I like about this book is that it provides wide examples of effective headlines, sub headlines even direct mails Sometimes I used them for my assignments, hi3x.I used this as reference while I studied advertising in un

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    You have to buy this book You can t just check it out from your library You will refer to it again and again if you plan to write for businesses I think you should buy it if you are self employed It will teach you how to create a quick flier and save money Then you can hire copywriters for the big writing jobs and whip out the little jobs in minutes.

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    This is coming from a non English native in need of the basics to write web copy I really liked this book because it got to the point with examples there s the usual MBA BS the 4 Us urgent, unique, useful and ULTRA specific wait specific doesn t start with U.

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    Great starting point, I can see why it s a classic Vocalizes some of the things about writing you already knew, but assigns terminology to them Good reference brush up book as well.

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    This was useful but so outdated that you ll getpractical advice by reading social media email marketing blogs that publish tips like this daily.

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    OK read, but agree with other reviews that quite a bit has changed since the book was last updated The straightforward, hard sell philosophy seems to go against the tenets of neuromarketing and the age of storytelling All things with the likeability factor seem to go right out the window, except for the advice on the conversational tone Some examples in this book seem to contradict his advice at times And a lot seem suited for an audienc

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