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The Colour of Milk Mary Is A Sharp Tongued Farm Girl, And She Will Do Anything To Learn To Read And Write But As She Does So Through Four Seasons Of One Extraordinary Year, She Discovers That Nothing Comes For Free Told By A Narrator Whose Urgent, Unforgettable Voice Will Break Your Heart, The Colour Of Milk Is An Astonishing Novel.

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    my name is jeanette j.e.a.n.e.t.t.e.i am very tall and my hair is the colour of weak tea.this is my review and i am writing it by my own hand in the year of our lord twenty thirteen.i did read this book, and my teeth did grind and my eyes did cross for that there were no upper case letters on any page no, nary a one nor were there any quotation marks neither.i understand that the narrator is barely literate, and

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    Es una peque a novelita escrita en primera persona y con las palabras y la tosca redacci n de su protagonista, una joven granjera pr cticamente analfabeta, que acaba de aprender a leer y escribir Y es en esto precisamente donde reside toda la fuerza de la narraci n y es lo que la hace tan especial.Es una historia emotiva y dura y a pesar de saber desde el inicio por d nde van a ir los tiros, consigue emocionar y dejarte el

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    Was f r ein bildgewaltiges Buch Ich hatte jede Person, jedes Haus und jedes Zimmer genau vor Augen und war quasi Marys Schatten Intensiv, heiter, traurig, tragisch top

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    Videorese a de este libro novel n Y un dram n tambi n Suelo decir que una novela es triste o tr gica, pero lo suelo decir en sentido intelectual Esta novela, sin embargo, lo es a nivel emocional Hac a a os que no lloraba con un libro, pero ste lo ha conseguido Puede que haya le do novelas con argumentos aparentemente m s dram ticos, o con tintes m s picos, o en las que el escritor haya exagerado el car cter de los personajes o los hechos, per

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    5 SterneSehr besonders ein Buch, das man ganz langsam lesen will, um jeden Satz auf sich wirken zu lassen Wir schreiben das Jahr 1820, als Mary, die Hauptfigur und Erz hlstimme, in einer l ndlichen Gegend in England aufgewachsen, gerade 15 Jahre alt wird Mit den Eltern, ihren drei Schwestern und dem Gro v...

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    I came upon The Color of Milk through Cheyenne Blue s review and it made me want to read it And I am glad I did even though it made me cry bitter tears towards the end Well worth it though If you decide to read it you will learn about mary and see the world as she saw it and it will stay with you long after you read the last page.It is written in her words and the lack of punctuation will be weird for a few pages but you will get used to it real quick I love the

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    HOLY EFFING TOUR DE FORCE Yes, this book is really sad I hate using the word heartbreaking, but it s apt here This is one of those books where I want to say, yes, it s going to devastate you, but TOO BAD, MAN You know what s devastating How women were treated 200 years ago Somehow, Nell Leyshon captures the utter banality of everyday abuse and intellectual oppression of women living on a farm in England in the 1830 s There is no anachronistic rebellion here just acceptanc

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    Del color de la leche no es una novela extraordinaria, no tiene ning n elemento portentoso ni estrictamente original, pero lo cierto es que ha logrado convertirse en una de las lecturas m s especiales que han pasado por mis manos en mucho tiempo Qu es lo que Nell Leyshon hace tan bien en esta novela Por qu deja una huella indeleble en tantos lectores La respuesta, si es que es nica, reside en la poderosa combinaci n de ingenuidad, desconocimiento del mundo y rabiosa desfachatez qu

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    Llego tarde a la fiesta , much simos ya lo hab is le do Pero por si soy la pen ltima en leerlo y aun no lo as le do, te lo quer a recomendar ,es un libro muy especial que conmueve Esta escrito de forma peculiar, no se usan may sculas al principio de los p rrafos El lenguaje es sencillo y esta lleno de di logos.Mary la protagonista es la que nos escribe su historia en primera persona Es un personaje que pese a lo tr gico de su existen...

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    Mary is a sharp tongued fifteen year old farm girl who has a strong desire to learn how to read and write In this year of lord eighteen hundred and thirty one you follow the journal of a poor and disabled girl who should have no rights going against the odds to achieve what she always wanted the ability to read and write The Colour of Milk is written in a personal journal over the four seasons of a year Mary is the youngest of four daughters living in a house of a man who really wanted son Mary is a s

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