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The Caretaker This Play Was First Performed In 1960 Harold Pinter Specializes In The Tragicomedy Of The Breakdown Of Communication, Broadly In The Tradition Of The Theatre Of The Absurds And This Is Demonstrated In Both The Caretaker And The Birthday Party.

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    It s funny, you know As soon as a play is called something like The Caretaker you just know that the person who gets the job of caretaker, who is referred to throughout as the caretaker, won t be able to take care of anyone, not even himself You know that he will be the one who is taken care of and he will be incapable of acknowledging the care he is receiving And so it pr

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    ASTON You er DAVIES Eh ASTON Were you dreaming or something DAVIES Dreaming ASTON Yes DAVIES I don t dream I ve never dreamed ASTON No, nor have I DAVIES Nor me.If I were in the room with him I would turn the sound down and watch the lips flap to know what he is really saying Help me, save me, fuck you There are stills of the first production of the play from 1960s I didn t lik

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    The Caretaker is the story of two brothers, Mick and Aston, and a crumbling house Mick owns the place and has plans to renovate Dreams, really Aston has spent time in a mental hospital and underwent electro shock therapy The play begins when Aston brings home Davies, a down and out who is trying to live under the assumed name of Jenkins, and offers him the spare bed Mick s old bed D

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    As far as I know Harold Pinter, plot and story are usually non existent in his works, but I still write a few lines about what goes on in this play.So, the play is about two brothers, Mick and Aston Mick works in the construction industry, and leads an average, moderately pointless life Aston through no fault of his own doesn t work anywhere, and leads an absolutely poin...

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    It s absurd, and I loved it

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    How the hell is it one of the best play of an erait must ve been a very boring era.This play was influenced by the play, Waiting for Godda and the movement of absurdism, but this play was way too absurd Just wanted to kill the writer for writing it.The dialogues of the play were too limited and on a single realm and scale Too low vocabularytoo low thinking and everything is copy of another copy of anot

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    I don t dream I ve never dreamed

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    lost, inside a roomstuff to do but not doingmisunderstood still

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