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The Brave Art of Motherhood KINDLE The Brave Art Of Motherhood Author Rachel Marie Martin Playutopia.us Full Time FindingJoy.net Blogger, Speaker, Marketer, Podcaster, And Single Mom Of Seven, Rachel Martin Presents A Pivotal Book For Moms To Spark The Hope They Need To Overcome Self Doubt, Fear, Pressure, And Isolation This Book Is Part Encouragement And Part Rally Cry For Moms Everywhere Who Have Gotten Lost Within The Pages Of Their Own Story, Undervaluing All They Do Every Day And Exchanging The Beauty Of Who They Are For A Pinterest Perfect Illusion It Gives You The Tools You Need To Overcome Fear, Loneliness, And Inaction By Drawing On Anecdotes And Lessons From Her Own Life, Rachel Empowers Moms To Forget Their Past Mistakes, Celebrate What They Ve Already Accomplished, And Dare To Be Real About Their Struggles She Teaches Them To Cheer Each Other On Toward Better Days, So That Alone Is Replaced With Comradeship And Fear Is Replaced With Courage You Can Make Changes You Can Overcome Fear And Doubt You Can Pursue Dreams, Find Yourself, And Live A Life Of Deep Happiness And Uncontainable Joy.

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