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The Bookshop on the Shore A Grand Baronial House On Loch Ness, A Quirky Small Town Bookseller, And A Single Mom Looking For A Fresh Start All Come Together In This Witty And Warm Hearted Novel By New York Times Bestselling Author Jenny Colgan.Desperate To Escape From London, Single Mother Zoe Wants To Build A New Life For Herself And Her Son Hari She Can Barely Afford The Crammed Studio Apartment On A Busy Street Where Honking Horns And Shouting Football Fans Keep Them Awake All Night If She Doesn T Find A Way Out Soon, Zoe Knows It S Just A Matter Of Time Before She Has A Complete Meltdown On A Whim, She Answers An Ad For A Nanny Job In The Scottish Highlands, Which Is About As Far Away From The Urban Crush Of London As Possible It Sounds Heavenly The Job Description Asks For Someone Capable Of Caring For Three Gifted Children , Two Of Which Behave Like Feral Wolverines The Children S Widowed Father Is A Wreck, And The Kids Run Wild In A Huge Tumbledown Castle On The Heather Strewn Banks Of Loch Ness Still, The Peaceful, Picturesque Location Is Everything London Is Not And Zoe Rises To The Challenges Of The Job.With The Help Of Nina, The Friendly Local Bookseller, Zoe Begins To Put Down Roots In The Community Are Books, Fresh Air, And Kindness Enough To Heal This Broken Family And Her Own

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    Goodreads giveaway win This book just wasn t for me Jenny Colgan is a very popular author so if you love her books I m sure you ll love this one too The Bookshop on the Shore did nothing for me This book is over 400 pages and I could have gotten the same story in 130 pages Nothing happens in this book, I m sure if I really searched I could find the plot but I just don t care enough to look fo

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    Jenny colgan books are always like a massive hug in book form The kind of hug that you desperately need and when you get that hug everything is made that little bit better and that little bit brighter I absolutely loved this amazing book.

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    Zoe s a single mom with no money living in London Her son s father never seems to have money to help, so when she gets a job offer in Scotland as a nanny and a bookseller, she takes 4 year old Hari, who has never spoken, to the remote Scottish village Much to her chagrin, she learns that the children have gone through at least 6 nannies in the recent past, and are determined to be rid of the 7th as soon as t

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    Zoe is a single mother living in London She is struggling to make ends meet, and wants a better life for her and her son, Hari With some help from Surinder, Hari s father s sister, Zoe gets an opportunity in the Scottish Highlands Zoe will work as a nanny for a single father of three and will run Nina s bookmobile while Nina is on bedrest during her pregnancy.Some familiar faces from The Bookshop on the Corner

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    free review copy Dare I say..my new favorite Jenny Colgan I have yet to meet a world of hers that hasn t utterly enchanted me and this return to Loch Ness and the traveling book shop utterly enchanted me.

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    Single mother Zoe is desperately struggling to make ends meet in London Her 4 year old son Hari is perfect, except for the fact he doesn t speak at all When Zoe s landlord raises the rent on her dismal studio flat, she realises she has nowhere to turn.When an opportunity for not one but two jobs arises in Scotland, Zoe decides this could be the change she desperately needs.Faced with her new boss Ramsay, and his 3 unruly children,

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    4.5 Stars This book totally surprised me I went into this one thinking it was a cute summer romance with a ditsy woman who loved books, boy was I wrong Jenny Colgan has introduced us to a family in chaos Zoe packs up and heads to Scotland with her four year old son Hari, from busy London to become a nanny for a family with three children What she did not expect were the issues this family has and still is dealing with She also works part t

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    I loved everything about this book Zoe is in desperate need of somewhere to stay and a way of earning some money Her friend finds her somewhere to stay where the children need an aupair and she gets to work on the fabulous touring book bus, whilst Nina has bed rest whilst expecting her new baby.The children she looks after are a real handful but it was fascinating to see how Zoe dealt with each problem and how quickly she drew them into her world

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    OMG I loved this book, I just was so annoyed when it ended, the best kind of annoyed though I have read this every spare minute I had, I love this kind of book magic that draws me into a story It often surprised a laugh out of me It often had me worrying over the outcome for characters There are some serious issues that are explored.Zoe brings her own brand of book beliefs to the blue van while Nina is busy holed up in a hospital bed She brings her own br

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    Single mum Zoe is struggling to bring up her son Hari in a tiny bedsit in Wembley so when an opportunity arises to relocate to Loch Ness, Scotland and act as au pair to three children whilst also running a mobile bookshop she jumps at the opportunity, envisaging herself as a modern Mary Poppins reading books to rosy cheeked cherubs The reality is somewhat different, the bookshop s customers rely heavily on the bookshop s owner Nina to know the books they want nee

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