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The Black Song Inside Atticus Wynn And Rosemary Sanchez, Newly Engaged Private Investigators, Have Seen The Dark And Violent Side Of Life Nothing, Though, Has Prepared Them For An Explosive Murder Investigation That Threatens To Tear Their Relationship Apart As They Struggle To Solve A Case That Could Leave Them In Prison Or DeadAtticus S Manipulative Ex Girlfriend Bursts Back Into Their Lives Wielding A Secret About Rosemary S Family That She Exploits To Force The Couple Into Investigating The Execution Style Slaying Of Her Lover The Case Thrusts Atticus And Rosemary Headlong Into The World Of Human Trafficking And Drug Smuggling, While Rendering Them Pawns In Tijuana Cartel Captain Armando Villanueva S Bloody Bid To Take Over The CartelThe Black Song Inside Is A Vivid Crime Thriller Rife With Murder And Madness, Melded With Gallows Humor And The Heroism Of Two Flawed And Compelling Protagonists Who, If They Can Save Themselves, May Learn The Nature Of Redemption And The Ability To Forgive

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    First things first I need to mention I received this book from Goodreads giveaways Atticus Wynn, a PI in San Diego agreed to take a case for his former girlfriend it was an offer he could not refuse he was basically blackmailed into this as she had some very damaging kn

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    Clark s vivid yet fluid descriptions bring this world to life in a rather dark manner Through this the author shrouds the entire tale in darkness, drawing his audience in alongside his characters The interconnectedness throughout really makes the story itself chilling Clark s sto

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    THE BLACK SONG INSIDE by Carlyle Clark is an interesting Mystery Thriller A crime thriller that is fast paced and filled with murder, human trafficking, drug smuggling, manipulation, redemption, forgiveness and heroism Oh and a psycho called Priest Two flawed people, Atticus Wynn and Rosem

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    This book is worth reading, just for the writing alone But on top of that, the storyline and characters are so compelling, it s hard to put down If you like vivid description, well crafted characters, and a dark intriguing story, you ll love this book This book is worth reading, just for the writing

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    Terrific book I read another book, Children From Dark Places, by Mr Clark Since I had thoroughly enjoyed that book, I looked to see what else he had written Both books had great stories, romance along with plenty of humor Atticus sounds like someone I would have enjoyed meeting and Rosemary s character should

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    The Black Song Inside by Carlyle Clark and Suki Michelle focuses on two recently engaged private investigators Atticus and Rosemary who find themselves up to their necks in it involved with the Tijuana drug cartel.Set in San Diego, their story begins with Atticus old flame asking for his help solving the execution styl

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    Original review here Black Song Inside is a crime thriller that really grabbed my attention from the get go I don t normally read books like this, but I am glad at jumped at the chance We follow a couple named Atticus and Rosemary They are both private investigators, so they have seen their fair share or chaos But chaos has a wh

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    About The Book Atticus Wynn and Rosemary Sanchez, newly engaged private investigators, have seen the dark and violent side of life Nothing, though, has prepared them for an explosive murder investigation that threatens to tear their relationship apart as they struggle to solve a case that could leave them in prison or dead.Atticus s manip

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    Anyone who knows me, knows also how much I love reading If I find a book to be truly special, it will be finished within a matter of hours or two days the latest Unfortunately, I did struggle to stay focused on reading this book as initially I was not gripped The characters of Atticus and Rosemary a couple who also worked together as Private Invest

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    REVIEWWarning If street lingo bothers you then I would advise you not to read this book It gets kind of rough in places Street gangs, Drug trafficking, child abductions and a PI firm run by a Latina woman and an American Black, who are engaged. Another thing that may keep you from wanting to read the book is there are racial slurs We all know this still take

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