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The Black Prism (Lightbringer, #1) Gavin Guile Is The Prism, The Most Powerful Man In The World He Is High Priest And Emperor, A Man Whose Power, Wit, And Charm Are All That Preserves A Tenuous Peace But Prisms Never Last, And Guile Knows Exactly How Long He Has Left To Live Five Years To Achieve Five Impossible Goals But When Guile Discovers He Has A Son, Born In A Far Kingdom After The War That Put Him In Power, He Must Decide How Much He S Willing To Pay To Protect A Secret That Could Tear His World Apart.

About the Author: Brent Weeks

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Black Prism (Lightbringer, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Brent Weeks author readers around the world.

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    Update Who am I kidding 4 stars was too nice.I m a little torn here.I really like the ideas in this book The world and magic system are different and fascinating You will need to push yourself to read the first 100 pages before it gets better The magic system is confusing until then The writing isn t the best, same with the dialogues but the sexism is what is ruining it for me.I could tell you which women are the prettiest in order and who

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    You know you are reading a masterpiece when out of 95 chapters and 5 different POVs, not even one is slightly boring I have heard a lot of things about Brent Weeks second trilogy, and most of them have been proved true so far He has grown up as an author, improving not only his prose and narration but his imagination as wellYou might want to think twice before you try to use a man s conscience against him It may turn out he doesn t have one The Bl

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    This book is really tough for me to rate The story is a flintlock fantasy With some really brilliant ideas, a very interesting plot, cool magic system and great action So what s wrong with it You may ask, other than the fact that the narrator made the main character sound like a surfer dude.Well the problem with Brent Weeks writing is that...

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    Before I start with my quite lengthy spoiler free review, I would like to thank 2 of my fellow Goodreads friend, Sarah Luna and Haifoun, for letting me know first to prepare for the extremely slow beginning and that eventually the book will get so much better after the first half.Let me start my review with the con first.Dear Orholam God in this book , for those of you who s going ...

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    Let me write a short review here and then do a side note I loved the characters of Kip and Gavin and a few others I really want to continue on with their story and see where it goes Especially when I read the part about Gavin and his brother Uh, mind blown There was a part at the beginning of the book that just put me off and don t ask and I m just getting irritated with stuff like that Soooooo many of my friends love these books and some are just okay with them I do hav

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    Today we re going to talk about something that every reviewer lives at least once in its reading career, that I will call the Is It Too Early To Dnf Syndrome.That syndrome sucks big time 1 Your ereader is failing you, and doesn t count the percentages any don t get it back to the store yet You re only bored I know, it s tricky Sanderson s fans might not show this symptom thou...

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    Let s be honest I ve been dreading reading this Why Because The Night Angel Trilogy ended up a broken promise Good beginning, steady decline in the quality of characterization and plotting, and, need I mention, a sexist hot mess At any rate, Weeks seems to have been going for something different here, or at least somethingdeveloped say perhaps, Epic and it works much better Except it s so damn conscious of being epic that I roll my eyes just looking at it that heft The matte blac Let s

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    Update 10 15 17Re Read with buddies This is one of my favorite epic fantasy series ever and upon re reads, I m hardly in a position to recant Especially now I m still thrilled as hell I can t quite tell whether I love the magic system or the charactersI absolutely love the smartass Kip the lip fat kid whiner turned badass, but it s Gavin Guile that really steals the show Has there ever been such a complicated character in existence Charming, devious, uber powerful, totally evil a Update 10 15 1

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    This is a book that I would highly recommend due to its commitment to the pace and knowledge of further books to come The Black Prism ends on a cliffhanger that sets up the next book quite well I definitely look forward to returning to the colorful so clever w...

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