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The Big Questions THE BIG QUESTIONS, 10th Edition, Covers Philosophy S Central Ideas In An Accessible, Approachable Manner You Ll Explore Timeless Big Questions About The Self, God, Justice, And Other Meaningful Topics, Gaining The Context You Need For An Understanding Of The Foundational Issues, As Well As The Confidence To Establish Your Own Informed Positions On These Big Questions This Edition Is Now Also Available With MindTap Philosophy, A System Of Tools And Apps From Note Taking To Flashcards That Help You Understand Course Concepts, Achieve Better Grades, And Set The Groundwork For Your Future Courses. Philosophy has always been a discipline that often captures my interest My current read, The Big Questions is all about that Philosophy I like how the author talks about a variety of things we encounter, discuss and experience in our daily lives Robert talks about Religion, God, faith and what we believe in He talks of the types of knowledge Empirical one gets through experience and Priori knowledge that is independent, Robert C Solomon sBig Questions A Short Introduction to Philosophy did exactly what it was supposed to do explain the subject matter of philosophy clearly and make that subject matter relevant to everyday life Any student who will use this book in a classroom will have a basic idea of what philosophy is and why the subject is meaningful and relevant The book is centered around some basic questions 1 What is the meaning of life 2 Is there a God, and what is the nature of God 3 What is t Robert C Solomon sBig Questions A Short Introduction to Philosophy did exactly what it was su This is a fantastic introduction because it recognizes the central aspect of philosophy as the careful articulation of one s own thoughts, and it encourages the reader to dive in and do philosophy while he or she works through the fundamental human questions in the book.Solomon and Higgins introduce the big ideas philosophers have been grappling with through the ages present several classic perspectives for each encourage the reader to examine a Highly recommended as an overview of important philosophical thought Well written and engaging.

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