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The Bestiality Cruise The Bestiality Cruise The Complete Series Contains All 5 Previously Published Stories At Discount Price.Part 1 The Cat My Family Offered Me A Five Day Cruise For My Eighteenth Birthday Unfortunately, A Severe Case Of Seasickness Forced Me To Retire To My Room I Was Planning On A Little Auto Erotic Fun To Distract Me, But A Knock On The Door Changed All That Fortunately, It Was Room Service, With A Very Special Delivery But Could I Truly Accept A Cat As A Get Well Present Especially One Trained For Sex WARNING The Following Description Contains Spoilers Part 2 The Dog Never In A Million Years Would Have I Thought I Would Lose My Virginity To A Cat But I Had And It Was Now The Second Day Of The Bestiality Cruise When My Sister Invited Me To A Relaxing Day At The Spa, I Had No Idea What She Had In Mind Could I Resist The Temping Off Of Having Sex With A Studly Dog Even With My Beautiful Sister Watching Part 3 The Chimpanzee So Far, The Bestiality Cruise Had Taught Me Two Things One I Loved Having Sex With Animals Two I Was Also Quite Attracted To My Sister But Instead Of Spending Another Day With My Sibling, I Joined My Mother On The Deck For A Little Sunbathing And A Little Sex, Of Course But Was I Really Ready To Lose My Anal Virginity To A Chimpanzee, No Less Part 4 The Lion I Was No Longer That Shy Virgin I Had Been Upon Boarding The Bestiality Cruise I Was Now An Increasingly Extroverted Young Woman Who Enjoyed Both Bestiality And Incest And Did Not Care Who Knew It But Was I Ready To Have Sex With A Lion Especially When It Had To Be In Front Of My Entire Family Part 5 The Stallion The Long Dreaded Moment Had Finally Arrived The Bestiality Cruise Was Coming To An End But First, There Would Be One Final Blowout To Celebrate What We All Loved So Much Bestiality Little Did I Know, I Would Be Given One Final Taste Of Bestiality But Had I Grown Enough As A Person To Let My Studly Stallion Lover Ride Me In Front Of Everyone Enjoy Barbie S Perverse Tale Of Bestial Desires.READER ADVISORY Contains Hardcore Sex Acts, Sexually Explicit Language And Bestial Behavior.

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