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The Art of Literature and The Art of Controversy Download The Art Of Literature And The Art Of Controversy By Arthur Schopenhauer Bystricepodhostynem.eu The Art Of Literature And The Art Of Controversy Is A Collection Of Essays By Famed German Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer In This Work You Will Find Two Collections Of Essays Which Include The Following On Authorship, On Style, On The Study Of Latin, On Men Of Learning, On Thinking For Oneself, On Some Forms Of Literature, On Criticism, On Reputation, On Genius, The Art Of Controversy 1 Preliminary Logic And Dialectic, 2 The Basis Of All Dialectic, 3 Stratagems , On The Comparative Place Of Interest And Beauty In Works Of Art, Psychological Observations, On The Wisdom Of Life Aphorisms, Genius And Virtue. I am not really self qualified as for now to rate this book as it contained some difficult statements packed with some meaning and philosophical terms that I could not get my head around, though I understood the general topic I did not like the idea that dialectics is all about ignoring the truth and morality and the like and getting rather focused on tact and cunning tricks I, however, liked the author s admission at the end when he said and I quote The only safe rule, therefore, is that whichAristotle mentions in the last chapter of hisTopica not to dispute with the first person youmeet, but only with those of your acquaintance ofwhom you know that they possess sufficientintelligence and self respect not to advanceabsurdities to appeal to reason and not toauthority, and to listen to reason and yield to it and, finally, to cherish truth, to be willing toaccept reason even from an opponent, and to bejust enough to bear being proved to be in thewrong, should truth lie with him From this itfollows that scarcely one man in a hundred isworth your disputing with him You may let theremainder say what they please, for every one isat liberty to be a fool desipere est jus gentium.Remember what Voltaire says La paix vautencore mieux que la v rit Remember also anArabian proverb which tells us that on the tree ofsilence there hangs its fruit, which is peace.Bu I do not like to write reviews on books but I do think that this book deserves to be put in the spotlights, since it is relatively unknown and definitely overlooked.This book is definitely a must for any musician, writer, sculpture or anyone who is involved interested in any form of arts It is a critique and on It really shows in these essays that the author was bitter for not being appreciated much in his time, and it really shows that he was right to be bitter in that he has a lot of interesting things to say. This was a short free audiobook from LibriVox Never read anything by Schopenhauer before and I doubt I will ever read anything else that he has written. An important book to read This should be taught in school, especially in current political climate It starts off like a history lesson on the etymology of words, then like a manual for lawyers, and it finishes with pessimistic philosophy akin to Nietzsche To briefly summarize if you are lucky enough to have your own creative vision, follow it This book starts off like a grumpy old man s rant about how the world is too stupid to note him,to praise him.However,wisdom soon starts to appear on the horizon.And there is a lot of good stuff here.This is the first book I have read that puts such emphasis on learning via non book methods.Schopenhauer insists and insists on developing and maintaining a personal viewpoint about the world.A viewpoint as independent as possible.He even advises seclusion and total freedom from social circles,so that a person s stream of thought doesn t get polluted Thus,he criticizes Pliny s insane reading habitshe says it s almost as if he didn t have any personal thoughts or that he was too scared of them Most of Schopenhauer s assertions are binary.Thus,in many cases he abhors certain ways of life,schools of thought and even virtues like modesty.His argument being that modesty implies giving a higher value to the opinion of others and thus,your own thoughts opinions get affected.Schopenhauer seems to delight in making good metaphors and to his credit,9 out of 10 of his metaphors are excellent.He also seems especially eager to name drop.Thus,Fichte,Hegel are ridiculed while Goethe,Jean Paul,etc are praised.You may agree or disagree with his views on certain things and certain aspects of life.However,the complete work has enough food for th Sometimes tedious, beating a dead horse to death, nevertheless a very enlightening experience My Kindle version did not include The Art of Controversy.

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