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Terra Amata For Chancelade, The World Is Teeming With Beauty, Wonder And Possibilities From A Small Boy Playing On The Beach, Through His Adolescence And His First Love, To The Death Of His Father And On To The End Of His Own Life, He Relishes The Most Minute Details Of His Physical Surroundings Whether A Grain Of Sand, An Insect Or A Blade Of Grass As He Journeys On A Sensory Adventure From Cradle To Grave Filled With Cosmic Ruminations, Lyrical Description And Virtuoso Games Of Language And The Imagination, Terra Amata Brilliantly Explores Humankind S Place In The Universe, The Relationship Between Us And The Earth We Inhabit And, Ultimately, How To Live

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    Terra Amata is a kind of new existential novel J.M.G Le Cl zio s narration is too mannered and form dominates content.He had come from far, from the depths of the night, from the depths of obscure regions, to see all this, to walk on the buckled earth, to inhale these smells and

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    Terra Amata is either a visionary masterpiece or cheap apocalyptic schlock either way, the end product is a strange and wonderful mixture of Michael Bay and French existentialism Chancelade is a perpetual boy traversing the stunningly evocative language of this novel His surrounding

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    The author leads us through the life of Chancelade from his luminous childhood till the end or the beginning , telling us that the protagonist is going back to what was before, sun, clear air, peace, sea, strength, beautybecause everything is eternal, we are here all the timewith the sun

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    This was my second Le Cl zio book Terra Amata, the Beloved Earth, is daunting I would not recommend this as a starting point to reading Le Cl zio s works It deeply troubled me, depressed me, made me close my eyes for a while and try not to think.The beginning had an interesting scene when th

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    somebody explain to me why I m supposed to take this guy seriously

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    The architect Le Corbusier reportedly said that God was in the details others have claimed the same about the devil And it s in the details that Le Cl zio finds Terra Amata the beloved Earth , if my Latin serves whether what he finds is God or DevilThis is the first Le Cl zio I ve read, and supposed

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    Le clezio is close to being my second favourite author ,first being Dostoyevsky

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    Based on two books this, and The Book of Flights I m convinced that young, experimental Le Clezio was a worthy writer After the initial J M G who in the American press the reaction that accompanies every new Nobel Prize in Literature a lot of these literary hacks went out and bought some of the newly reprin

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    When Jean Marie Gustave Le Cl zio was named laureate for the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature, I was like many others in wondering who His standing in English speaking nations, save for a couple of low profile translations in the States, was practically non existant And this is an author who has published over fo

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    One of the most visceral reading experiences of my life This is a vivid account of the highs and lows of one man s life, but presented in such a way that he represents Modern Man and the unique psychological spiritual experience of humans.This is one of my favorite books, which is why I gave it five stars despite s

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About the Author: J.M.G. Le Clézio

Jean Marie Gustave Le Cl zio, better known as J.M.G Le Cl zio born 13 April 1940 is a Franco Mauritian novelist The author of over forty works, he was awarded the 1963 Prix Renaudot for his novel Le Proc s Verbal The Interrogation and the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature.