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Tell Me More: On the Fine Art of Listening Reading Tell Me More On The Fine Art Of Listening By Brenda Ueland Although She Was One Of The Most Prolific Feminist Writers Of The Twentieth Century Six Million Published Words , Brenda Ueland Had Only Two Books Published During Her 93 Year Lifetime More Than 140,000 Copies Of One Of Those Books, If You Want To Write, Have Been Sold By Graywolf Press Since Ueland S Death In 1985 The Rest Of Her Writing Includes Articles, Essays, And A Newspaper Column That Ran For 30 Years In The Minneapolis Times.Tell Me More On The Fine Art Of Listening Is Accompanied By The Work Of Tucson Painter Cynthia Miller Her Paintings Recall Folk Art, Furniture, And Colors That Sing She Listens. Short article on the importance and skill of listening She says that people who are listened to are recharged They become rested and light hearted Their creative fountains become unblocked and the fountain accelerates Her writing is straightforward, simply stated and so true. When I saw this listed on the author s page, I clicked it to read I had just listened to a book by her, and I was inspired What a wonderful woman If You Want to Write A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit This is Listen Listen Listen.I have these periods of time when I just don t want to talk.It s hard to explain whether I do it because I m sad, or because I have a sore throatmostly, I think it s because I m afraid of the words coming out of my mouth The words I now have to take responsibility for It s silly, really.Listening is harder becaus

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