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Sweet Sixteen Yeah Right! From Oye To Aiyyo, From Dahi Bhallas To Bissi Bella, From Rajma To Rasam, Watch Rinki S Life Take One Big 360 Degree SkidVannakam It S The Summer Of 2011 And Sixteen Year Old Rinki Tripathi Has Just Been Sentenced To A Life In Chennai She Is Supposed To Say Goodbye To Her BFF, Her Beloved Hometown Dilli, Basically Her Whole Life.Surd Jokes Must Step Aside For Rajni Forwards, Parandis Must Make Way For Mallipoo, Delhi Daredevils Must Go Down Fighting Chennai Super Kings.Guess What Else Heads South Her Grades The Princy Wants To See Of Her Parents, Her Mom Wants To See Of Kanjivarams And Her Dad Doesn T Want To Be Seen At All Then There Is The School Hottie, Tejas, Who Is Making Her Decidedly Hot Under The Collar Shiva Shiva How Is A Girl Supposed To Cope With All This Madness Read On To Find Out Just Don T Ditch Rinki Midway Mind It I had is read the blurb of this book accidentally while buying some other book an year ago and had thought I would buy it next But call it bad luck, I forgot the title I had searched a lot but couldn t find it again So when I saw it a week back, I just grabbed it without 2nd thoughts The story is about 16 year old Rinki Tripati who has to move from Delhi to Chennai due to her dad s promotion She isn t thrilled about it even a single bit How could she when she was sure her heart was back in Delhi Then, Chennai is exactly as she had guessed it would be pathetic Its like her personal hell down on earth She feels like she is trapped in a prison and couldn t wait till she can escape from this place But then, one look at Tejas and its all changed She no detests Chennai In fact, she is falling in love with the city unbeknownst to her But what about Tejas Does he love her too Or is he just playing This book was hilarious I was rolling on the floor. This book had a lot going on for it I would have actually liked it if the resolution of conflict hadn t taken place in the last two pages of a 300 odd page book.

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