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Sweet Revenge Meet Nora Wynn LA S Hottest Matchmakerwho Managed To Mismatch Herself She S The Love Finds A Way Mogul Who Discovered At The Altar That Her Perfect Guy Was Actually A Philandering, No Good, Pond Scum Sucking Weasel Who Ran Off With Her Best Friend And Left Her Standing There In A Very Expensive Dress While All Of LA S News Cameras Looked On After A Therapeutic Binge Of Vodka And Ice Cream, She S Said Goodbye To Love Finds A Way, And Hello To Revenge Not Just Revenge For Herself, But For Every Woman Who Has Ever Been Humiliated, Dumped, Or Betrayed It S A Small, Very Discreet Service Dedicated To Helping Those Rat Faced, Lying Traitors Get What They Deserve And It S Called Payback Time But When Someone Decides To Get Even With Nora And She Turns To Her Ex Husband For Help, She Finds That Sometimes Love Can Make Things Right

About the Author: Kate Clemens

Mary Lou McGinness Mackey was born in 1945 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, where she raised She is related through her father s family to Mark Twain She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and received her Ph.D in Comparative Literature from the University of Michigan During the early 1970s she lived in the rain forests of Costa Rica From 1989 to 1992 she served of Chair of PEN American Center, West Currently, she is a professor of English and Writer in Residence at California State University, Sacramento.Mary Mackey published novels and books of poetry and have sold over a million and a half copies They have been translated into eleven foreign languages including Japanese, Hebrew, and Finnish While her poetry has mainly centered around the traditional lyric themes of love, death, and nature, her novels have ranged from the Midwestern United States to Neolithic Europe, from comedy to tragedy A screenwriter as well as a novelist, she has sold feature scripts to Warner Brothers as well as to various independent film companies John Korty directed the filming of her original screenplay Silence which starred the late Will Geer and which won several awards.She has lectured at many places including Harvard and the Smithsonian Additionally, she has contributed to such diverse print and on line publications as The Chiron Review, Redbook, and Salon She also writes comedy under the pen name Kate Clemens.

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    My office has a bookshelf to make use of, so I picked this book, looking for a light, time passing read That s exactly what I got Not exactly a literary masterpiece but entertaining enough to pass the time at work.

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    This is book 2 of 5 from the wedding shower prize basket I mentioned in the review for Liar, Liar It could be very loosely categorized as a romance, but it sof a mystery I don t really like mysteries This is book 2 of 5 from the wedding shower prize basket I mention

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    This was an on your edge of your seat kind of book It was fast enough to be interesting, but not so fast to be overwhelming If you ve thought you ve had a bad day, it is probably nothing compared to what Nora went through It is a nice perspective It was a delightful book.

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    A good beach read.

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