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SuperZero Want To Know How To Be A Superhero It S Easy Peasy Choco Cheesy But SuperZero, Our Ten Year Old Hero, Is The Only Student At The Superhero School Who Can T Seem To Find His Superpowers Every Time He Trys To Save The Town, He Turns It Upside Down But When The Eggstremely Dangerous Eggster Unleashes A Truly Diabolical Weapon Of Mass Destruction, It S Left To SuperZero To Foil His Plans Except, He S Accidentaly Locked Himself Up In A Zoo Now What To Do Join SuperZero As He Trips, Tumbles And Crashes Through Loony Adventures With A Vampire Who Hates Blood, A Dude Who Appears Only In Patches, A Cutie Who Starts As A Girl And Ends As A Snake, A Dog That Eats EVERYTHING In Sight. The narration is funny and intriguing Any child who has watched Marvel characters, would understand what is expected and how Super Zero keeps failing Its just like any ordinary school, where the pressure to perform keeps building on Its all about an underdog becoming a superhero and in the process the author assures the kids its not tough if you have confidence and can rise above your shortcomings Her flair for humour keeps us in peals and giggles all the way to the end Throw in an adorable but monstrous dog and a kind but deaf grandpa, the story becomes even hilarious And how she has selected to educate the kids on spelling is another notable point This book is funny and the short chapters will keep them tuned The author gets the way a kid thinks and has given a good account of their anger, self empathy, surprises and every other emotion apt to Ranjit Lal reviews the book on Goodbooks Nine and ten year olds hopefully don t have to face too much exam stress, but in case they do you never know , this book is the perfect antidote Frothy, breathless, roller coaster wild, it kicks disbelief into the next galaxy, while slyly slipping in nuggets of wisdom every now and then rather like bitter tablets concealed in a cheese sandwich tossed to your dog, or should we say here, BigaByte In a world infested with evil doers with incredible powers, it is only right that a generation of superhero kids be raised and taught to use their superpowers for the betterment of humankind Our hero here is sent to one such school, by his doting mom who believes he has special powers His dad would prefer he takes up basketball, and his grandpa being deaf and seemingly benign provides scope for much slapstick misunderstanding in the course of

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