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Strangers On the Roof Strangers in the night is a collection of two novella s of Bond A Handful of Nuts and The Sensualist The 5 star rating is for the former The latter would probably be just 2 in my opinion In Nuts , Bond narrates a series of real life incidents which marked the 21st year of his life in Dehradun A dhobi as a roommate, unemployed chums, the mother of his school crush with whom he shockingly loses his virginity, a travelling circus members and the slow paced life in the hills made it such a pleasurable read Finished it in one sittin Classic Ruskin Bond breezy yet introspective, brief yet deep. Stranger in The Night consists of two novellas 1 A Handful of Nuts2 The SensualistA Handful of NutsHe says he cannot write poetry, Ruskin Bond does However, he has written quite some good short rhymes in this one Yes, money talks And it is usually saying goodbye This story albeit not completely an autobiography, is based on true life incidences of Ruskin Bond s life It is about how Bond in his early 20s struggled as a writer The petty challenges he faced in terms of his own procrastination, fantasies and lust The story describes all these in little but effective details As one finished the book, the titles of the story comes out to be the best thing that it has to offer.The Sensualist A woman of true passion can only diminish a man This, is a very bad novella I will perhaps gift it to a person I hate It is an overtly erotic story of a man who Ruskin Bond meets in his life Now, apparently it is a true incident of his life I can only say, if such Horrible so far with disgusting comparisons..I never liked his books but this was quite a malfunction of writing.. The first story, A Handful of Nuts, is a typical Bond treat It invokes nostalgia heavily even though you are pretty sure you weren t alive in the 1950s It is a coming of age story that weaves around absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.The second story, The Sensualist, is much longer than it needs to be It felt like Bond was experimenting with a bunch of literary devices since a lot of it seemed novel not just the fact that he was trying to discuss sex The end resu Two novellas meant for the adults The author is know for his fiction for children makes these novellas interesting without loosing his writing styles known for witty and narrative style. This book consists of two Novella by Ruskin Bond A Handful of Nuts is quintessential Ruskin bond work, carrying the simplicity and warmth that we have gotten used to in his work, it is loosely based on his struggling days as writer when he was about 21 years of age in Dehra The Sensualist is vastly different from any of the Ruskin Bond work, its philosophical in naturethat follows the journey of a man who goes from being rich and Reading Strangers On The Roof Author Ruskin Bond Survivingtheholocaust.us The Perils And Pleasures That Attend Growing Up In A Handful Of Nuts , The First Of The Novellas In This Book, The Reader Is Treated To Vintage Bond A Gloriously Funny And Unexpectedly Tender Story Of Being Young And Adventurous In Small Town India The Central Character Would Like To Establish Himself As A Writer But He Is Constantly Diverted From His Task By Assorted Escapades, Romances, Friends And Other Distractions Containing Some Of Bond S Finest Writing It Is A Classic Coming Of Age Story, Told In A Fresh And Compelling Way The Sensualist , The Second Novella, Is Altogether Sombre But Deals With A Similar Theme The Trials And Tribulations Of A Young Man S Coming Of Age Gripping, Erotic, Even Brutal, It Explores The Demons That Its Protagonist Must Grapple With Before He Is Able To Come To Terms With Himself

About the Author: Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is an Indian author of British descent He is considered to be an icon among Indian writers and children s authors and a top novelist.He wrote his first novel, The Room on the Roof, when he was seventeen which won John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize in 1957 Since then he has written several novellas, over 500 short stories, as well as various essays and poems, all of which have establi

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