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Stephen Frys Victorian Secrets Step Right Up, Step Right Up And Don T Be Shy Welcome To Victorian Secrets Over 12 Fascinating Episodes, Stephen Fry Explores The Weird And Worrying Ways Of Victorian Britain Through True Accounts Delving Deep Into A Period Of Time We Think We Know, To Discover An Altogether Darker Reality.

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    This is a real feast served by the authors who could not have chosen a better actor in the person of Stephen Fry to guide us through Victorian secrets And yes, secrets they are If you are in

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    Stephen Fry s Victorian SecretsAn Audible OriginalBy John Woolf, Nick BakerNarrated by Stephen FryWhat a fun book This has all kinds of crazy facts about the Victorian era, mostly the scandalous stuff

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    This was overall well done and the audio was a good choice Other than that it felt superficial and appealing to people s desire to gossip.

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    This was a bit of an odd book Literally about quirks of the Victorian era, but once you start listening to these episodic tales of seances, strange medicine, female murderers, and same sex relationships you realize that

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    Great Victorian history Perfect narration Extremely interesting stuff Free from Audible I really, really enjoyed this Recommended Looking forward to the next installment.

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    A cute little collection of vignettes about the not entirely seedy underside of Victorian England Everything from vice, circus freaks, to sewage, and family secrets is covered in a light, amusing, and fairly superficial manner Cute and gene

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    A fun and interesting short audiobook narrated by Stephen Fry, who is joined by a number of experts in Victorian culture, this covers all kind of secrets undergarments, toilets and sewage management laws against crossdressin...

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    Stephen Fry is great, but if I d known that this was produced like a podcast series instead of like an audiobook I probably wouldn t have listened to it It slike listening to a tv show playing out of view than listening to a book and I finished feeling like I

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    A series of podcasts masquerading as a book on Audible.

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    DNF Neither funny nor curious, I can t believe we can be curious about Victorian England without recognizing, explicitly the barbarity of empire that underwrote the victorian culture Its slightly perverse.

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