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Starplex The Aurora Award Winning Science Fiction Novel, Starplex, Is Back In Print Human Space Exploration Has Expanded Quickly Over The Last Twenty Years As They Have Made Use Of Newly Discovered Artificial Worm Holes No One Knows Who Created Them, And They Bring The Far Reaches Of The Galaxy Tantalizingly CloseDiscovery, However, Is Outstripping Understanding, And When An Unknown Vessel A Ship With No Windows, Seams Or Visible Means Of Propulsion Arrives, The Already Battle Scarred Starplex Could Be The Starting Point Of An Interstellar War

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    So far, all that they could make out was a series of maddeningly vague shadows.Starplex is just an absolute plethora of big ideas An.absolute.PLETHORA And by big , I mean mind BLASTING.and challenging So how does one go about reviewing something like this It s basically a greatest hits of cosmological ideas, with elements of Star Trek The author intentionally draws par

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    Though written in 1995, this Hugo nominated story is stylisticallylike those of the older golden age era of the 50 s, rather than thesophisticated character driven sort of modern type The likes of editors such as Campbell Jr or Frederik Pohl of Galaxy and IF would surely have jumped at serializing a story like this It s good fun old fashioned fast paced spaceship scifi with

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    Pretty good, albeit super short It s impressive that Sawyer can pack as much in to a 300 page novel as would take other authors 5 600 pages But despite the amount of action and questions and answers, it still felt like it was lacking something Maybe taking a slightly slower pace would have lent the action and revelations a littleweight.Holy crap though, what action There are a ha

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    This was a good intorduction for me to Robert J Sawyer I definitely plan on seeking outof his books.This, the first one of his I have read, concerns life aborad Starplex , a huge inster stellar habitat crewed by four races Human Cetecean dolphine Walhudin and Ibs.I found some of the science a bit hard to follow cosmology dark matter, etcetc, but the interactions of the four species wo

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    I will read all the Hugo nominees I really will At this point, I m just under half way done, and for the very first time, I ve bought a membership so I can vote on the awards Hopefully that ll mean I ll read last year s books this year, and not two or three years hence, which has pretty much been the way it s gone for the last little while When you mostly get books out from the library, yo

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    I stopped reading at the line, she was an Asian beauty This was written in 1996 No one trapped several decades behind their own time should be speculating on the future.

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    Storyline 3 5Characters 2 5Writing Style 2 5World 4 5How art thee similar to Star Trek Let me count the ways Thou art the Federation s Commonwealth s pride of fleet, on missions of first contact goodwill Thou has an alpha bridge crew whom is active for every major encounter An interspecies crew thee maintain, providing regular cultural confrontations Boldly thee go, where no one has gone before Take

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    I thought this novel was tons of fun I listened to Sawyer s novel, Factoring Humanity, a couple weeks ago, and it couldn t have beendifferent from this one Factoring Humanity is an intimate near future story that deals with big ideas but seen sort of on a small scale Starplex, on the other hand, is a big action packed space opera Sawyer is great at both of these kinds of science fiction.There are things

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    This was truly an incredible book Starplex was a rare exploration of the Space Opera sub genre, and as Robert J Sawyer intended, did not focus on a military plot as the central theme, but rather, a peaceful group of scientists who s mission was to make peaceful contact with other races via a vast network of shortcuts or stargate type devices Yes, there is certainly space combat and battles, but what makes thi

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    Sawyer s most interesting science fiction is what I d called social science fiction Most especially Flashforward, but also the Neanderthal Parallax and others So it s charming to see him write hard science fiction and space opera I mean, I think I prefer his Earth focused books, looking at the changes that science or aliens can bring, because they feelunique, innovative, and Sawyer esque, but this is a fun book no

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