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Spring Snow Tokyo, 1912 The Closed World Of The Ancient Aristocracy Is Being Breached For The First Time By Outsiders Rich Provincial Families, A New And Powerful Political And Social Elite.Kiyoaki Has Been Raised Among The Elegant Ayakura Family Members Of The Waning Aristocracy But He Is Not One Of Them Coming Of Age, He Is Caught Up In The Tensions Between Old And New, And His Feelings For The Exquisite, Spirited Satoko, Observed From The Sidelines By His Devoted Friend Honda When Satoko Is Engaged To A Royal Prince, Kiyoaki Realises The Magnitude Of His Passion.

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    Yukio Mishima felt the Japanese government needed to return to a system based on the samurai code He was descended from samarais and believed that this code, advocating complete command of one s body and soul combined with a complete loyalty to the emperor, was necessary for Jap

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    Set near Tokyo in 1912 In Spring Snow Kiyoaki Matsugae is sent as a child be raised on the estate of a Count where he learns all the worst habits of a decadent court He is slothful, he preens in the knowledge of his superior looks When 18 years of age he is so self involved the familiar d

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    Mishima, like other great writers, has a way of implanting memories in our heads, echoes of other lives How this magic happens is a mystery but when it does, you feel somehow denser inside,solid Spring Snow left me with that feeling, of having increased my gravity and weight, with the lyrical descriptions, h

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    It is hard to put words to the beauty and melancholy that Mishima pours into this first of his great tetralogy The symbolism, the imagery, the characters everything here is drawn with a fine pencil and eye for detail The...

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    A book can be either of two things a key to open locked doors which lead to unique experiences we have not encountered or are impossible for us to attain while the other is a mirror to show us who we are or remind us of ourselves and the past we have not forgotten One stirs excitement, the other nostalgia This time it took the shape of t

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    Oddly enough, living only for one s emotions, like a flag obedient to the breeze, demands a way of life that makes one balk at the natural course of events, for this implies being altogether subservient to nature The life of the emotions detests all constraints, whatever their origin, and thus, ironically enough, is apt eventually to fetter its ow

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    Has there ever been a stranger novelist than Yukio Mishima On the one hand, he was a body building Nationalist, who advocated bushido, the samurai code he also, as many know, committed seppuku, which is a ritual form of suicide involving disembowelling and beheading You don t, it is fair to say, get that kind of thing with Julian Barnes and Karl Ove Knausga

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    Haru no Yuki Spring Snow The Sea of Fertility, Book 1 , Yukio MishimaSpring Snow Haru no Yuki is a novel by Yukio Mishima, the first in his Sea of Fertility tetralogy It was published serially in Shinch from 1965 to 1967, and then in book form in 1969 The novel is set in the early years of the Taish period with the reign of the Emperor Taish , and is about the relati

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