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Splitopia Engaging And Groundbreaking, Splitopia Challenges Outdated, Negative Assumptions About Divorce With Sharp Wit, Searing Honesty, Rigorous Research, And Intimate Interviews, And Offers Guidance For Healthier, Happier Splits.When Wendy Paris Announced That She And Her Husband Were Separating, Friends Forecast A Tsunami Of Devastation For Both Of Them And Their Child But As Paris Would Discover, Divorce Has Improved Dramatically In Recent Decades, Due To Changes In Laws And Family Structures, Advances In Psychology And Child Development, And A New Understanding Of The Importance Of The Father Yet Disapprobation And Fear Persist.In This Incisive Book, Paris Cuts Through The Moralizing And Myopia, And Explores The New Cultural Phenomenon Of The Good Divorce Splitopia Chronicles Paris S Own Divorce In Real Time Shares Insights From Happily Divorced Couples, International Experts, And The Latest Research And Follows Her Own Divorced Parents Possible Reunion Splitopia Calls For A Flexible View Of How We Wed And How We Part, And Offers Support For Creating Loving Families, Whatever The Legal Relationship Status.Divorce Is No One S First Choice, But As With Other Difficult, Unwanted Experiences, It Can Lead To Growth, Deeper Connections, And A Fulfilled Life.

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    For a divorced single mom of 3 I thought this book was a good read It addressed some concepts that are relatively new such as mediation however, it did not address the fact that many court judges and those handling civil law family law are unskilled with high case loads and treat each case as a number without the emo

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    Author Profile Wendy Paris Splitopia When there s a 50 50 chance of getting divorced once in your lifetime, nothing makes sense than to be prepared in case of a such a rude awakening In fact, 40% of kids are born into non married families Instead of looking at divorce as a tragedy, Wendy Paris wrote a guidebook of how to have

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    Excellent advice

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    Sometimes Marriage isn t ForeverInformative read for anyone considering divorce, separated, or newly divorced.

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    Author Wendy Paris found herself in a marriage which felt unfulfilling However she still respected her husband and wanted to keep him in her life, and importantly, in her eight year old son s life as well She wondered if there was such thing as a happy divorce Through speaking with peers, psychologists, and her own experiences on this topic, Paris crafted

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    Wendy Paris and her husband split, and made a point to keep their separation and divorce amicable She chronicles this process and includes different ways to help adapt communicating with each other, adapting to single life, managing loneliness, perspective and to make the process go smoothly.Because we live in a culture where we are taught that divorce is one of the

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    A great help in gaining a updated perspective This book really helped me gain a modern and confident perspective on separation and divorce I enjoyed that it was informative yet read like a novel I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I don t think everyone would glean what I did from it My husband...

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    I was very happy to read an advance copy of this book Very relatable and uplifting, with Wendy s own story interspersed with expert analysis It has a lot of good information about relationships, whether divorced or married I plan to send a co...

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    I m calling this a must read for anyone early in separation or divorce Tons of good information and anecdotes on how to split well with plenty of phew it s not just me moments Edited to add Not everything in here will work for all people and there will always be hard But this book helps.

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    Positive and practical recommend to people thinking of, in process or post divorce.

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