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Spellfinder (Cassidy Edwards, #2) The Latest From Award Winning And Bestselling Author Carmen Caine And The Sequel To Monster Is Finally Here Spellfinder Will Be Available At A Promo Price Of.99 For A Short Period Of Time To Celebrate Its Release Revenge Until Now, My Revenge Was Of An Idea A Fantasy A Mere Whisper Of What Revenge Should Be But It Was A Seed And It Was Time For It To Sprout My Name Is Cassidy Cassidy Edwards And I M The First Of My Kind The Job Hunting A Mysterious Force Attacking The House Of Rowle With Spells Of The Most Malevolent, Arachnid Kind The Players A Wickedly Handsome Warlock Of A Boss, A Hostile Nether Reach Keeper Hell Bent On My Arrest, And A Vampire Who Just Might Believe That He S My Father My Problem As My New Spellfinding Gig Plunges Me Deeper Into The World Of The Charmed Mafia, Destiny Presents The King Of All Conflicts Forcing Me To Walk A Tightrope Of Lust And Betrayal As The Monster Inside Me Awakens.

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    I really want to like this book And series It has an interesting storyline ButCassidy is an annoying twit who is really too stupid to live She has the attention span of a gnat She seems vapid and very unlikable I actual...

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    I loved this second book in the series about Cassandra Cas For herself she thinks she is a monster , she surely is supriced when she hears who would be her father Ricky is still a imp bitch sorry for my language Their are old characters, warlocks, witches and vampires The rest must kept unrevield Revenge is deseptive, le

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    Confused messIt s an interesting story but there is too much distraction and no good segues into the plot It needs a bit of a polish and some organization of the characters and their back stories.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Ah, well I still believe the mythology is interesting and the story has my attention I m not a fan of Cassidy There s no real peril and she seems to have everything going for her.A super powerful Highland vampire who s old as ...

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    Karma Can Be A BitchExcellent book and I still think Cassidy has to learn vengeance has serious consequences Lucian and Cassidy had their moments For second book in a series you can not read it alone as there is information necessary in the first book to make you completely understand ...

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    3.5 stars.This book definitely took an interesting turn The story and setting becomescomplex and compelling One thing that bothered me, though, was Cassidy I understand her need for revenge, but I didn t like the way it was all consuming The way she said that was the purpose in her life I mean rea...

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    Awesomeness This series is outstanding I cant put down the book it s so great Don t let anyone deter you from having a read of this book

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    Keeps getting better Great author and great plot Hi highly recommend to anyone that loves Chloe Neill, Kresley Cole, or JR Ward A

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    My, my What a tangled web we weave when at firstYou know the rest and quite frankly I hereby dubbed this the themesong for Spellfinder Our main character, Cassidy Edwards finally comes face to face with the man she has wanted revenge on from the time she was capable of understanding his existence Emilio, is an ancient one and possesses power unimaginable When he meets with Cassidy, he deci

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