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Speedpost: Letters to My Children about Living, Loving, Caring and Coping with the World Commentary On Growing Pains, Adolescent Problems In India, Sex, Love, Religion, And Culture Series Of Letters That Address A Wide Range Of Concerns Compassionate, Loving, Witty, And As Always, Provocative By A Leading Best Selling Novelist South Asia Books Carries Several Of De S Novels.

10 thoughts on “Speedpost: Letters to My Children about Living, Loving, Caring and Coping with the World

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    The book Speedpost was gifted to me on my 17th or 18th birthday by my friend s mother I read it that time But now I rediscovered this book in my shelf and I had no memory about the content of the book I longed to read it again I longed to feel the motherly affection again.This time I am 27 years old.The book has letters written by a mothe

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    I am a regular reader of the writer s column in TOI and hence have a brief acquaintance with her vast pool of vocab Considering that these letters are written informally and to family members, a little repetition of anecdotes is expected This book does than just getting the reader involve in their lives It conveys a message through many of the let

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    A collection of letters from a mother to her six children The letters are funny, thoughtful and at times touching It was unnerving to see many of the things that so troubled and bothered my fourteen year old self set down, in plain sight, discussed, laughed at, and made easier by, of all people, a gasp parent I cherished this book very much when I was fourte

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    it s kind of a relaxing read Neither too fast paced, nor too slow I m just devastated by the fact that parents and their children can be that distant.

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    Great book or letters from a mother to her children , which consists of all flavours, drama, emotions, practicality and her all kinds of experiences From a daughter s perspective, it was heart warming to read all that People not interested or not wanting to read about other s feelings or these emotions will feel the book as bore one.

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    After reading. I m going to my childhood memories

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    Just finished reading Speedpost by Shobha De Really a master piece every mother, would be mother, not just mothers, but every book lovers would definitely appreciate it Really mothers are the true world for their children They surely knows how their child will happy in which object, in what circumstances or not As she writes, God must be a mother..Through series of letters she is successfully tryn

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    This was my first book that was written by an Indian author and I like the way she writes You can learn lot about parenting from these letters, some letters can make you laugh and some are very thoughtful A must read for every mother.

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    Loved d book Must read for moms

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    Awful preaching.

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