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Space relations: A slightly gothic interplanetary tale On A Distant Planet In The Distant FutureWhen All The Galaxies Are Colonized, John Craig, A Young Space Diplomat, Is Captured By Interplanetary Pirates And Sold Into SlaveryOn Kossr, Where Boredom And Absolute Power Have Driven The Rulers To A Special Kind Of Madness, Craig Is Auctioned Off To The Exquisite Lady Morgan Sidney, A Beautiful, Sensual Woman He Soon Makes His Way From The Hellish Slave Mines Into Her Bed In The Tower Of Her Castle And It Is Here, Under The Strange Castle, That He Finds The Secret That May Bring About The End Of Man In The Galaxy

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    This dusty book has a connection to Jeffrey Epstein conspiracies I found out quite by accident While browsing eBay for old paperbacks I stumbled upon a few listings for Space Relations at unbelievable prices Like 300 The cover seemed familiar like something I might have picked up at a library sale so I hunted through my boxes until, sure enough, there it was.At first I thought Space Relations might be an e

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    This was my third reading of Space Relations and it stands up pretty well I re read very few books, but there is something about this one that resonates Diplomat is kidnapped and sold into slavery, eventually thinks his way out of captivity and back to civilization But truly, the book is a lot better than that sounds I ve been re reading some of the old classic SF spy novels Stainless Steel Rat series, Retief, etc a

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    The green spine of the book stood out on the sci fi shelves of the used bookstore, so I picked it up I didn t see a price, but it looked interesting enough, so I brought it to the counter with the few things my daughter had collected The cashier didn t see a price either, and after glancing over the cover crinkles and bent pages, he said, Here, you can have this one for free It was fantastic Easy to read, fluid action, politi

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    I just came across this book hard cover in my bookcase and when I checked my goodreads list, I realized I had never added it I remember picking it up from a remainder bin while I was in university I also remember that I really liked it, but my standards were a lot lower then I have no idea if I would admire it as much as I did then, but I suspect I would I do know that I have re read it at least once.

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    Choosing to give this a 4 stars Here s why This book was written by the father of the current attorney general of the USA and headmaster of Jeffrey Epstein s school If it was a normal book written by some Joe Schmoe, it would be ok 3 stars I enjoyed the plot and some of the bigger philosophical points made which is often what sci fi is about hiding cultural ideas in some future society The science fiction wasn t terribly strong It was sort of li

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    I was not expecting much, but it turned out to be a pretty solid sci fi space opera It was amusingly dated Computers are big whirrring machines, flight controls on planes are very analog, etc The action scenes were solidly written Anyway, a good easy read and a trip back to the classic days of sci fi.

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    Donald Barr is William Barr s father and his book is rather a good vs evil story Sort of like William Barr s idea of conservatism triumphing over liberal evil excess.

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