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Smoke in the Sun After Okami Is Captured In The Jukai Forest, Mariko Has No Choice To Rescue Him, She Must Return To Inako And Face The Dangers That Have Been Waiting For Her In The Heian Castle She Tricks Her Brother, Kenshin, And Betrothed, Raiden, Into Thinking She Was Being Held By The Black Clan Against Her Will, Playing The Part Of The Dutiful Bride To Be To Infiltrate The Emperor S Ranks And Uncover The Truth Behind The Betrayal That Almost Left Her Dead With The Wedding Plans Already Underway, Mariko Pretends To Be Consumed With Her Upcoming Nuptials, All The While Using Her Royal Standing To Peel Back The Layers Of Lies And Deception Surrounding The Imperial Court But Each Secret She Unfurls Gives Way To The Next, Ensnaring Mariko And Okami In A Political Scheme That Threatens Their Honor, Their Love And The Very Safety Of The Empire

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    It was a night for magic A night swirling with mystery, an unknowable energy pulsing in its depths. Okay, I m going to be honest about something I remember enjoying the arc I read of Flame in the Mist last year but, before reading this book, I couldn t remember anything that

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    Respect is not a thing granted It is a thing earnedA fitting conclusion to the duology Mariko is no longer in the woods, dressed as a boy and playing outlaw It s time for her to learn diplomacy and how to survive at court The world becomes bigger, and we get glimpses intocharacters and

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    Who invented duologies No, but really, since when is it okay for a series with such unique content and loveable characters to end so soon Yes, I am in mourning I should be celebrating, because that ending is priceless, the author wrapped things up very nicely, but instead I am suffering from Flam

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    She would not turn back on what defined her It wasn t bad, but it wasn t the best it could ve been for me I felt like it almost lulled into a false sense of security, because the beginning was that good Firstly, this book had quite a few typos Editors, what the hell Secondly, it started off great I was so

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    that feeling when you finished book 1 and realize book 2 probably won t be out for another year at least and that you ve played yourselfwhy would i do myself like this that feeling when you finished book 1 and realize book 2 probably won t be out for another year at least and that you ve played yourselfwhy would i d

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    renee ahdieh is the queen of duologies she has mastered the art of giving just enough of the story to satisfy the reader not too much, and not too little just the right amount it felt like this was the yin to the flame in the mist yang where the first book was very fast paced and daring, this wascalm and calculating so neat h

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    THE REVIEW IS POSTEDFlame in the Mist my reviewSmoke in the Sun 3,7 STARSI would rather die for love than stand by and watch my love perishMy Opinion Time To be honest, I still can t believe that I have finished reading this book because I remember reading the first book months ago and I loved it and after I finished reading the first

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    I do wish this series was a trilogy though.

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    I love this cover, and I love the fact that it s got this gorgeous woman of color on it, and I love that Renee herself had a hand in ensuring that the color scheme still complimented the US hardback of the first book just so people wouldn t feel like their covers mismatched.

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    Update October 2017 I m pretty sure this book s publication date is now June 5, 2018 not May 1st and now I m sad Need need need need neeeeeeedddddd Update August 2017 THE TITLE IS SMOKE IN THE SUN OMG I LOVE IT Update April 2017 I VE READ THE FIRST BOOK AND YUP THAT ENDING THAT BOOK THAT ROMANCE THAT OKAMI I NEED EVERYTHING TO BE OKAYYYYYYYYYYYY grabby hands August

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