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Smart Women Finish Rich With Hundreds Of Thousands Copies In Print Around The World, Smart Women Finish Rich, By Renowned Financial Advisor David Bach, Has Shown Women Of All Ages And Backgrounds How To Take Control Of Their Financial Future And Finish Rich Whether You Re Working With A Few Dollars A Week Or A Significant Inheritance, Bach S Nine Step Program Gives You Tools For Spending Wisely, Establishing Security, And Aligning Money With Your Values Plus, In This Completely Revised And Updated Edition, David Bach Includes Critical New Long Term Investment Advice, Information On Teaching Your Kids About Money, Internet Resources, And New Ways To Attract Greater Wealth Personal And Financial Into Your Life.

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    While this is a decent guide to budgeting, saving, and investing, the c 2000 edition felt very dated See, for instance, the chapter praising the man making a 50% return on his dot com stock portfolio, and critici

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    Just in the way of explanation This was the first book David Bach wrote b c it was his grandmother who taught him about personal finances and in his financial advisor business he was tired of seeing women not know

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    Self help books are not my thing but this one I really liked for two reasons First, it was a step by step instruction on what to do and how to do it to get your financial life in order The beginning step is to buy

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    Pretty elementary should be read in high school Don t pay for his books Adults Just read the chapters you need in the library standing in front of the shelf It is that fast Kids Read his books and do what they say I

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    This book changed my life For some of you who arefinancially aware it might not have such a dramatic effect but for me, a 30 year old with no retirement started and paltry savings, it was a god send The most valuable

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    A good reminder to not spend everything you make Some good tips on how to save and invest money to maximize returns and basically how to keep your financial house in order Giving up a latte a day can make a huge differ

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    I would recommend this book as a beginner financial education book and a life coach book What I love about this book is that, instead of a cold blooded financial education, through this book I can feel the passion and t

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    So this is absolutely not a book I would normally read in fact, just looking at the title makes me feel greedy andthan a little cheesy But after reading a book on home buying that mentioned Bach s book, I thought I would

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    Like most finance books, this one became rapidly dated savings accounts at 4% Ahahaha ha but it s still good on general financial literacy And I do endorse his project here of speaking specifically to women and women s fi

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