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Silent Superstitions Silent Superstitions Christy Series, No

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    For readers of all ages who enjoy Christy by Catherine Marshall, this expanded series comes in 12 easy to read books with lots of action and dialog This is second book in the series and approaches the superstitions the town holds against their new school teacher, who appears to be cursed.

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    Christy 19year old teacher at mission school in Cutters Gap is settling into her work as a teacher in Cutters Gap, her school class has 67 pupils from 5 to 17 years old After a series of unfortunate events an elderly lady whose grandchildren attend the school starts a rumour about Christy bringing a curse to the area This elderly lady is responsible

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    I thought this was only an OK book I liked the TV series much better.

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    The buttons on the coat

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    I loved it Christy never gave up.

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    Book 2

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    The continuation of 19 year old Christy s life in Cutter Gap Interesting.

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    19 2544443 opinionI remember watching this TV show with my family

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