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Sholay: The Making of a Classic National Award Winning Film Journalist Anupama Chopra Tells The Fascinating Story Of How A Four Line Idea Grew To Become The Greatest Blockbuster Of Indian Cinema

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    GP Sippy director Ramesh Sippy s father and producer too Ye film 10 saal nahi utaregi The film that cost 3 crores and 3 years, anticipated to be a blockbuster, shot in 70mm with foreign action directors, and grand music both in songs and backgro

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    It was a fascinating and a quick read One of the most iconic movies of all times has been covered pretty well by the author Wish there wasdetails on the trials the main cast and crew went through while making this movie.It takes a lot to create a masterpi

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    An entertaining read describing lots of unknown facts about the Saga.

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    There is only so much you can know about the greatest Indian film ever made Sholay.The writer Anupama Chopra is the wife of the acclaimed Film Director Vidhu Vinod Chopra who has made films like Parinda and Mission Kashmir and is a well known author, interviewer and film cri

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    Superb. everything is there in this book..the casting, the locations, the filming and difficulties faced during the premier and release of the movie Must read.

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    Disclaimer I hated the movie.As I had learned during one of my school plays, a huge amount of effort and money gets spent even in making something as pitiful and substandard as sholay But then i had already learned to respect bad films by watching The Disaster Artist so this book was indeed a w

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    Though I like the movie, not this book please, this book dealt withnames of people than with background sequences Interesting ironies include, the author speaks about everyone using brand Sholay for capitalism, and fails to mention that, the list includes herself, by means of writing this book, she too f

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    Extra ordinary full of life as is the part of my lifeOne of the best readings I have read as you come to know each details of your favorite movies in full

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    I very well written book on the making and aftermath of the legendary Hindi film Sholay.

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