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Shocking Pink I thought the author did a great job with this as she had my attention from page one until the end It s about three fifteen year old girls who are close buddies The come across a vacant house that they hear music playing from On further inspection they discover that a man a woman are meeting and their love making looks dangerous with blindfolds and ropes One of the girls decides she s going to the police even though the other friends b I really enjoyed this novel however I just found it to be a bit on the slow side at times and this is the very first time I was able to know who the killer was a mile before the novel ended so for me it isn t worth a 5 star rating 4 stars is decent enough though. PDF Shocking Pink Author Erica Spindler Rarefishingbooks.co.uk Popular EPub, Shocking Pink Author Erica Spindler This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Shocking Pink, Essay By Erica Spindler Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I ll start with my second biggest issue because it s shorter The author created way too much hint hinting moments in the book I get wanting to build suspense but you can t have every single moment hinting at or creating a new secretI was too busy keeping track of each secret to wonder where any of them were going to go Maybe they all served a purpose later in the book but there was just too much going on with zero resolution My biggest issue though and the reason I quit was the portrayal of sex Sex is dirty and wrong If you like it you re an evil dirt I decided I needed a break from reading actors biographies recently and promptly found this in a charity shop I was intrigued enough by its cover and its concept to give it a tentative whirl.I won t divulge the plot premise that s here in numerous reviews but it s one of those novels that deals with a glimpsed event in the character s lives that plays into their present many years later The inherent danger in such thriller fiction and there are literally hundreds of novels that operate under this modus operandi is that it invites disbelief that the antagonistwould honestly wait such a lengthy amount of time before taking his her revenge Often, it s merely an excuse to have had the characters mature just enough to be able to reflect on said event with any objectivity This novel falters slightly using this device for me personally I can t go into detail without ruining the twist but the juxtaposition of the two time periods felt like a gimmick and a way to bridge the story rather than a need to serve Shocking Pink is a beautifully constructed, creative suspense story with snappy dialogue among well developed characters I didn t give it a five star rating because it moves too slowly at the beginning and it is often repetitive As the novel unwound, I began to realize that the repetition was long time romance author Erica Spindler s way of showing obsession, but I wondered if the same point could have be made subtly.How many stories have you read where some horrible event has been witnessed in childhood and the viewer has been forever changed It happens here, and Spindler s novel explores the impact on the viewers, demonstrating how horror can become a catalyst that profoundly affects the life of the viewer.It is summertime for 15 year olds Julie, Raven and Andie who live in Thistledown, Missouri They discover that in an unoccupied home in a nearby neighborhood sexually deviant activities are going on between a Mr and Mrs X so named because they are masked with black scarves, employ cuffs, ropes, etc The teenagers investigate and that means watching every time they can Their secret observations gradually begin to erode their friendship as each reacts differently to what they are seeing Eventually Mrs X is found dead, hanging from a rope in a position the kids had seen before, blindfolded by a black scarf Her mur Shocking Pink is about three teenage girls Raven , Julie, and Andie, one summer , they where just hanging out in there usual spot when they heard music coming from an empty house in the housing development where Andie lived They decided to check it out and found some mysterious lovers engaged in a deadly sexual game Now there curiosity has deepened into a dangerous obsession they have named the couple mr and mrs x and have decided to watch and make sure mrs x always leaves safely Andie thinks they should go to the police, and she finally does against her best friends wishes The police don,t believe her, than mrs x turns up dead, And Andie finds her hanging in the house from the rafters she calls the one cop who had befriended her they where never abl I picked this book up for 5 and it was an easy read I was looking after a friends dog and you didn t have to think to much to read this book So it was good.Andie Follow the rules, Julie Loves sex, Raven the wild one Friends growing up with some big challenges in ther lives One night they spy on a couple playing a dangerous sexual game in an abanded house The couple come back time I ll tell you right off the bat this is one of those trashy beach reads you hear about I mean it s called Shocking Pink, if you weren t clued in already I don t know what to tell you LOL I liked this one though and I m not a fan of this type of book generally speaking I ve started countless others like this one and put them down a few chapters in, feelin Kinky sex with mystery and suspense I m not a big fan, of mushy romance novels I need some mystery and murder added in, lol This book has it all It s the first Erica Spindler book I ve readshe s on my favorite Author list now I highly recommend this book

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