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Shadow Fall SacrificeCusto Santovari Accepted Pain, Blood, Even Death, To Save His Best Friend But A Man With All His Sins Just Isn T Cut Out To Be An Angel Mystery One Moment He S Fleeing Heaven The Next, He S Waking Up Stark Naked In Manhattan In The Middle Of A War Called There By A Woman Who S Desperately Afraid Of The DarkShadowIt Gathers Around Annabella As She Performs, Filled With Fantastic Images Of Another World, Bringing Both A Golden Hero And A Nightmare LoverWolfHe Pursues Her Relentlessly, Twisting Her Desires Even As She Gives Herself To The Man She Loves Because Each Of Us Has A Wild Side, And Annabella Is About To Unleash The Beast

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    Erin Kellison s Shadow series continues to impress me This book focuses on Custo from the first book who is determined to protect a dancer while trying to find a traitor in Segue This book has angels, wraiths, Fae, a Shadow Wolf, and Death I don t want to say too mu

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    In the beginning Custo is murdered goes to heaven He is an angel, but is confused as to how that could be, because he has done some bad things in his life Annabella is a ballet dancer who spins magic through her dancing Because she has no real control over the magic,

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    CW Rape, sexual assault referencesSpoiler Note This review contains spoilers for Shadow Bound, the first book in this series.This month s prompt of freebies felt wide open I didn t have a craving for a particular genre, so I just reached into my box of books picked u

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    I really enjoyed Shadow Bound so was looking forward to picking up Shadow Fall which is the second book in Erin Kellison s Shadow series Please note that this review will contain slight spoilers for the first book in the series so please don t read further if you ve no

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here There are spoilers related to Shadow Bound, book one in this series And I mean right at the beginning, so look away if you do not want to be spoiled Custo Santovari died in Shadow Bound, boo

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    Custo Santavari has been murdered After two years of being in limbo, he wants to return to Earth because he feels he is still needed on the mortal plane His good friend, Adam Thorne runs The Segue Institute, which is a research facility that focuses on the growing wraith

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    1 Erin Kellison s writing is The Awesomesauce 2 This is a sequel that doesn t suck 3 Custo is The Yum No, seriously Custo s The Yum.The first book in this series, Shadow Bound, blew me away with just how dark it was for a Paranormal Romance I loved the terrible, beautiful

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    For those of you who have not yet discovered author Erin Kellison, I seriously suggest you do so Put her name on that list of must read authors. get to know her because this woman writes a wicked story I first had the privilege of reading Ms Kellison s Soul Kissed and fell

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    Read as part of the Bad Boys of the Night Eight Sizzling Paranormal Romances Paranormal Romance Boxed Set4 Shadow Fall Stars Shadow Fall is book two in the Shadow series by Erin Kellison This series continues to impress me It s got angels, wraiths, Fae, and Death There is a

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    I really REALLY like the crazy world of Shadow I m mean, it s messed up and dangerous, but the people who rally to fight against it kinda rock At this point in the story, it feels like an uphill battle, too For every wraith they cut down, there are others ready to join their

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