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Seventeen Ways to Eat a Mango: A Discovered Journal of Life On an Island of Miracles This Extraordinary Novel In The Form Of A Discovered Journal Tells The Story Of J A Young Botanist Who Is Sent To The Remote Tropical Island Of Sakahara To Explore The Possibility Of Installing A Mango Cannery For A Multinational Corporation J Has Every Intention Of Collecting The Necessary Samples, Writing A Report, And Returning Home To Collect His Paycheck But A Series Of Chance Encounters With An Island Sage Names Katchumo Send These Plans Totally Awry The Old Man S Buddha Like Habit Of Distilling Perfect Pearls Of Wisdom Forces J To Question Everything From His Association With The Canning Company To His Perception Of The World Around Him With Humor And Compassion, Katchumo Teaches J The Mysterious Beauty Of Simple Pleasures As He Reveals The Seventeen WaysAn Enchanting Story About One Man S Discovery Of Life S Elusive Secrets, SEVENTEEN WAYS TO EAT A MANGO Inspires Us To Embrace The Magic In Our Own Lives

10 thoughts on “Seventeen Ways to Eat a Mango: A Discovered Journal of Life On an Island of Miracles

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    very good.

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    This book is such a fantastic read I think everyone should check it out

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    After traveling to an island to research the possibility of setting up a mango canning factory, this journal mailed to a former girlfriend writer gradually discovers a new way to look at life in terms of ways to eat a mango.Good, but nothing couldn t find in other places The mango angle is new and this was a quic

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    Entirely cheesy Zen story about how to embrace the given The Matisse flavored illustrations are exuberant and delightful I found myself nodding in agreement several times despite the cheeseball bathos that this book exudes I can neither recommend nor pan it as it left me feeling as if I d just bathed in sugar yet I was gri

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    This is a book I re read periodically Because it s Magic And when on occasion Magic fades from Life, one needs a reminder that it hasn t become extinct quite yet A short, one sitting or one hammock lounging session read.

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    I read this book on a rainy day in the Vancouver Library It wasn t everything I expected after reading some of the reviews, but was a lovely read nevertheless Just the kind of pick me up you need some days A little corny at moments, but simplistic and inspirational.

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    Exactly as moving and as deeply felt as Kadison s many masterful songs, and with a lot of genuine life lessons that everyone should learn.

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    This was a cute little story that provided some good lessons

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    I loved this book My 11th grade English teacher told me about this bookMr Fish. hmm miss those days learned a lot then thanks Fish

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    the book asks the reader to look at life from many angles

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