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Serve it Forth: Cooking With Anne McCaffrey What Do The World S Most Imaginative Minds Feast Upon Spiderfish Stew Shrimp Anarchy Surrealistic Fudge Pa S Peasant Soup And Marvelous Morphed Meat How Do The World S Great Science Fiction And Fantasy Authors Feed Themselves When They Re Not Whipping Up Tales Of Wonder What Did They Eat Before They Were Famous And What Do They Serve To Their Friends Compiled And Annotated By Bestselling Author Anne McCaffrey, SERVE IT FORTH Is An Unparalleled Collection Of Recipes Submitted By The Writers Themselves, So You Can Eat Like Patricia Anthony The I Ve Been To Brazil I Know What Black Beans Are Dip , David Gerrold Death To The Enemies Of The Revolution Chili , And Poul Anderson The Great Pumpkin Each Wonderful, Dunce Proof Recipe Is Accompanied By Personal Notes From The Author Chefs, As They Guide You Into The Preparation Of Such Repasts As Sherried Walnut Cake By Lois McMaster Bujold Pig By David Drake Comforting Clam Chowder By Peter S Beagle Night Of The Living Meatloaf By Allen Steele How And Why To Dress And Prepare Texas Armadillo By Ardath Mayhar Catfish And Red Meat Flavoring By Larry Niven And Over With Additional Dinner, Dessert, And Bread Recipes By Joe Haldeman, Katherine Kurtz, Mercedes Lackey, John Brunner, Joan Vinge, M K Wren, And Many

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    I can t believe I forgot about this book for so long.Inside, Anne McCaffrey is the editor of this cookbook which presents recipes from a wide range of fantasy and science fiction authors Particular standouts include Mercedes Lackey, whose recipe goes something along the

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    So the reason I was interested in this book was because I thought it would have recipes for items mentioned in the Pern series e.g bubbly pies Sadly it is just a collection of recipes from Ms McCafferey and fellow authors It is interesting to see what the authors see as their sig

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    I will read anything that even tangentially has to do with Anne McCaffrey and so I bought this book off of eBay and it was surprisingly really good I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    It s a cook book but it is a ridiculously entertaining cookbook

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    A mix of recipes and food related stories and poems from scifi and fantasy authors It is a bit high in chocolate chip cookie and chili variations, but The Parable of the Cow and the Sofa alone would make the collection worth the read And I make the Pasta Putanesca and the Paprikash recipes with fair regularit

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    This cookbook contains my mother in law s recipe for crab cakes, which her son, Jack L Chalker, used as an opportunity to snark back at Ursula K LeGuin Nancy Chalker was a really good cook, so if you like crab cakes, try her recipe I haven t tried a lot of the other recipes, is this the one that has a recipe for macrob

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    This is my favorite cookbook, even above the Betty Crocker Bible It contains the only chili recipe that I will eat Death to the Enemies of the Revolution Chili and the sweet and sour pork recipe located with the Alien Eyeballs is a staple in our house The stories that accompany the recipes are wonderful to read as well.

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    When I first got married, this was our only cookbook Some of the recipes are great, others areliterary than practical, but I love those as well I rather wish this had been spiral bound or something, though, it doesn t stay open while you re cooking, and it makes it a bit hard to use.

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    These recipes are often thrown together and microwaved as they are what authors are living on while writing I ve tried one, Chicked baked with Nacho sauce poured over it It was tastey and easy I will pass on some of the others so the verdict is still out on this cookbook.

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    I don t have much to add that other folks haven t already said It s a fun cookbook, with interesting commentary The author list is a little dated now, but the recipes and stories hold up well

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