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Second Chance Pass In The Space Of A Few Months Vanessa Buried Her Husband, Matt, And Gave Birth To Their Son Breaking Her Heart While Filling It With A Whole New Kind Of Love But The One Man She Longs To Share This Love With Now Acts As If She Doesn T Exist Paul Haggerty Lives By The Marine Motto Semper Fi Ever Faithful To His Best Friend, He S Done Right By Matt S Widow As Best He Can Considering He S Been Secretly In Love With Her For Years Now, Just As He S About To Make His Move, Another Woman Has Staked Her Claim On Him A Claim That Will Be Tough To EscapeWith Courage, Humility And Not A Little Meddling From The Good Folks Of Virgin River, Vanni And Paul Might Just Get A Second Chance To Have The Love They Both Desire And Deserve

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    It took me until 39% before major frustrations with Paul and Vanessa s romance cleared, and I was able to relax a little bit I still was on edge view spoiler about an issue with Paul until around 51% I ll also say that I don t think I would ve been as understanding with Terri and what she did So not okay with me hide spoiler After that I adored Paul and Vanessa s r

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    Whew I loved it, just as I knew I would This latest in the Virgin River series had a lot going on There were at least three new romances, as well as updates on some longer standing ones, a couple of very touching births, a couple of near tragic deaths of some major characters, a funeral, lots of heartbreak, lots of happiness, a joyous wedding, and even a forrest fire th

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    I think I said it after reading A Virgin River Christmas, but it still stands true reading a new Virgin River novel is like coming home to old friends You get to catch up with all the previous characters, see how they are all doing and what s new in Virgin River Plus meet new characters It s just nice to read and Robyn Carr does a great job with the continuity of this series

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    Woo boy This one really didn t work The main couple Vanni and Paul sucked but Carr decides to force in romances for a friend of Paul and Vanni s and then we have too focus on Jack and Mel, and then we have Walter and a retired Hollywood actress, and I know I am blanking on someone else We have appearances by Mike, Preacher, and Paige I have no idea why Carr didn t focus on the ma

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    This islike a 3.60 I just really didn t love this one as much as the others It was engrossing, but most of the time I was frustrated.It s the women For some reason, in Second Chance Pass, they re all crazy, or bitchy or stupid or a combination of all three It s very annoying I ve liked the female leads in all the books up until this one Most of the women, not just Vanni, were practica

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    2.5 starsHaving read many reviews of Robyn Carr s Virgin River series up to this book, I am aware that many readers have had problems with the prevalence of women s health and pregnancy content throughout these books Up until Second Change Pass, I did not count myself among their number.With the central character of Mel being a nurse practitioner and midwife, I found it for the most part t

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    5 stars Contemporary RomanceSecond Chance Pass is another bittersweet, heartrending addition to the engaging Virgin River series, with its portrayal of quaint small town community life, soap opera worthy drama, quirky characters, love, and humor This one had multiple storylines going on involving all the previous characters, as well as some newly introduced characters The focus couple, Vanni an

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    Well, not what I expected at all This series has made a turn I m not interested about I really wanted to like this books because for me books 1,2 and 4 were amazing But book 3 and this one were not good.First, I got extremely bored with the beginning of the book As Vanni and Paul knew so well each other we did not have all those moments where the main couple gets to know each other, which are the be

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    Second Chance Pass is the 5th and IMO the most touching story in the Virgin River series to date It also reaffirmed my belief that Jack Sheridan is the best hero to have ever graced the pages of a romance novel Not one to slink away quietly after his story was showcased in Virgin River book 1 of the series , Jack and his wife Mel have continued to figure prominently in each book sinceparticularly in this

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    Loved it As I read in another review, reading a Virgin River book is like visiting old friends It was so neat to catch up with characters from previous books This is NOT a stand alone and not to be read by someone without having read the earlier books, IMHO There should be a big 5 written along the cover I ve been anticipating reading the story for Vanessa and Paul since they were first introduced earlier in

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