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Savage Cinderella PDF Savage Cinderella P.J Sharon Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Eighteen Year Old Brinn Hathaway Has Survived Alone In An Abandoned Cabin In The High Country Of North Georgia Since She Was A Child If Her Life Is Lonely And Less Than Complete, At Least She Is Safe From The Man Who Kidnapped Her, Held Her Captive, And Left Her For Dead In A Shallow Grave In The Mountains With The Help Of Some Unlikely Friends, She Has What She Needs To Survive, But Is Surviving Enough Life Takes A Turn When A Young Nature Photographer, Justin Spencer In Pursuit Of The Fabled Wild Child Captures Her On Film While Chasing The Story Of A Lifetime, Justin Is Injured And Brinn Comes To His Rescue The Two Build A Tentative Friendship, But He Must Decide If Proving Himself Is Worth Betraying The Trust Of The Girl He Has Vowed To Help Trust Is A Commodity That Brinn Has Been Unable To Afford Can The Kindness And Gentle Touch Of A Stranger Break Through The Wall She Has Built Around Her Heart After Half A Lifetime Of Living In Isolation And Fear, Brinn Must Decide If Leaving The Safety Of Her Remote Cabin Is Worth The Hope And Danger That May Await Her.

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    Brinn is a likeable character and the story is told in an engaging style I enjoyed the book, which was very readable, but see below.Occasionally, the plot felt forced particularly, Spoiler A necessary part of this review, so I can t hide it I could not comfortably accept the idea that a girl who l

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    I m sure it was not easy to write Savage Cinderella We experience the story from the perspective of a young woman who was kidnapped when she was 8, held captive till she was 10 and after that survived alone in the woods for 8 years In the beginning I was surprised who civilized Brinn was Where had she

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    This book is my first from P.J Sharon, boy it will not be the last one The story is one full of hard reality, abuse, kidnap The kind of story that you want to hold your kids and believe that just happen in books But that isn t the only thing, it s a story of survival, of outliving so much suffering The hero

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    There have been travesties plaguing our society for centuries, but recently gross atrocities against children have caught insatiable attention in the media Stories of murdered or missing children have run ramped for everyone to view live on the news So when I began to read Savage Cinderella, from the name alone

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    This book got off to an excellent start Initially I was just looking at it to categorise it on my Kindle I store my books by genre , and I started reading and couldn t stop At least until the point where Justin left her, and she went down to see Abby and wound up in the pub After that, it lost a little of its charm t

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    I loved this book When I was looking for a new book to read I almost overlooked it because of the cover, I am very visual and this looked too dark for my liking But it was not one that I wanted to put down, in fact I recommended it to my co worker by chapter 4.

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    I randomly found this book on and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing The characters were well done and the storyline was very gripping I would definitely read other titles by this author.

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    It is well worth the time and money PJ Sharon is that most elusive of creatures an amazing storyteller She uses words to paint pictures of people and places that captivate the reader, drawing them into complex storylines that hold you enthralled until the very end.

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    Engaging, mesmerizing read that would be hard to stick into one particular genre Addresses a heavy topic in a refreshing way with unpredictable plot turns It s a captivating book, so don t begin reading until you know you ve got time to give to it you won t want to put this one down

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    This is a very unusual novel written by PJS about a young girl who seems to begin life at the bottom of the poor mentally and physically However, there is a n incident that changes that perspective completel...

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