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Rookie Privateer When You Are Old Enough To Finally Become An Earth Mars Citizen, Everything Should Be Perfect Right Not For Liam Hoffen He S Stuck On A Mining Asteroid Called Colony , Helping His Father Work A Claim That Is Never Going To Pay Out His Best Friend, Nick James Is Set For Life In James Rental Business And Liam Just Discovered That The Girl He S Known Forever Thinks He S Pretty Great And Now She S Leaving For The Mars Naval Academy Liam Dreams Of Sailing The Stars Whenever He Gets The Chance, He Jets Into Space And Floats, Wishing To Be Free Of The Asteroid That Has Claimed Him What He Doesn T Realize Is That Fate Is About To Change Everything Sometimes You Have To Lose Parts Of Yourself To Gain The Stars, And Liam Discovers That While It Isn T Easy To Literally Lose Parts Of Yourself To The Pirates Who Attacked Your Home, Gaining The Stars Is Worth EverythingHe And Nick Are About To Find Out What The Real World Has To Offer And They End Up Meeting Exciting People Along The Way

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    My rating 4.0Rookie Privateer Privateer Tales 1 by Jamie McFarlane is a solid science fiction novel The writer takes us into the world of miners near Mars where our main character Liam Hoffen lives His father is a miner on a large asteroid and he wants his son to be a miner like him Although Liam dreams of becoming a pilot, he still accepts his

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    Rookie Privateer is a basic space opera, though a bit far fetched Sure, this is science fiction, and we all make big allowances in what s allowed on the technical side In that regard this story is fine, a classic space tale of mining and space ships and independent colonies and pirates But the character fiction is a little over the top for me I was never

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    I received a copy of this book from Booklikes in exchange for an honest review.In no way was this a bad book If anything I was a bad reader for this particular book I hate reviwing books that were well written but not my style Here it goes.McFarlane s writing is very matter of fact, straight forward, and technical If you really like sci first mechanisms and machine

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    Incredibly detailed and engaging on an immensely human level, McFarlane s Rookie Privateer displays in this reader s opinion glimmers of Heinlein From P Zero to Baru Manush to the decks of the Kuznetsov, I thoroughly enjoyed the richly textured world our protagonist, Liam Hoffen, finds himself in and could absolutely relate to his initial resignation to a life of toil and mo

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    A thoroughly enjoyable pulp sci fi novel for a young reader not too young as there were some references to sex and prostitutes not to mention violence, I d say on the younger end of the young adult set.

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    Good space adventureGood likable characters, technology seems good without any obvious flaws, well edited, with a satisfying ending Recommended I would rate as adult or new adult No excessive sex or violence but does have both

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    Good start to a military sci fi A fun read, my only complaint is that the main characters seem to develop there skills ratherquickly than would seem likely but I understand needing to keep the reader interested I look forward to the next book.

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    I I don t know why I liked this book, but I did.Seriously, there s several things in this book that I _shouldn t_ like Extremely direct prose lacking nuance and metaphor Creepy descriptions of female characters Long, detailed descriptions of things that do not matter.No, really, I read several pages worth of descriptions of the main character cleaning dried feces from all surfaces of a disgusting bathroom Why did

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    Excellent, Wow, A fast paced high action and adventure sci fi space opera type book, I loved it, A must read Needs to be added to a required reading list for schools Masterfully Written Get your copy today and read this one.

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    Interesting book.Some of the chapters were way too long.I did like the characters.Not sure if I will read anyin the series.I think there are like 15books.

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