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Roger, the Jolly Pirate Roger Is Too Jolly To Be A PirateHe Does Not Scowl, Growl, Or Strike Fear Into Sailors Hearts Like His Pirate Friends So Poor Roger Is Sent Away Whenever There Is Any Real Pirating To Be Done Then One Day, In The Middle Of A Great Battle, Jolly Roger Cooks Up A Wonderful Ideaand Pirate Ships Will Never Be The Same Again

About the Author: Brett Helquist

Brett Helquist has illustrated many books for children, including the Series of Unfortunate Events books He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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    Text To Teaching Roger, The Jolly Pirate is a whimsical rendition of how pirates formed the noteworthy design of their Skull and Crossbones Flag, every Pirate Ship flew The teaching connection can be at multiple primary grade levels The whimsicalness and imaginary story line are fun for all ages Roger, the Jolly Pirate, is a docile and noncombative pirate which inconveniencies and troubles the other pirates on board the ship He is

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    Nice to have a tale explaining how the famous pirate flag got its name.

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    A funny story about a bad pirate

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    An interesting take on the origins of the Jolly Roger flag used by pirates.

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    This book was very cool.

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    Before Black Beard and Long John Silver there was a pirate named Roger Unfortunately, he was a terrible pirate He was clumsy and forgetful He didn t scowl he smiled and he didn t growl he grinned The other pirates called him Jolly Roger and it wasn t a term of endearment One fateful day the pirates are attacked by the fearless Admiral As usual Roger is told to stay in the ship s hold until the fighting is done Roger wants so badly to make the other pirates like him,

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    Growing up I read The Series of Unfortunate Events all day long Those were the books that I used to get complaints about because I would zone everyone out and just read That series introduced me to the art of Brett Helquist whose distinct style and command of the page through his illustrations made me fall for Roger s story The story itself was short and sweet As sweet as a pirate story can be Roger is just too jolly to be a pirate and isn t really seen as one by his fello

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    Helquist, Brett Roger the Jolly Pirate Illus Brett Helquist United States 2004 Print Pirates fiction, humorous stories, ages 3 8 This short story depicts the life of a pirate named Roger He isn t the stereotypical pirate and because of this his shipmates won t let him fight or look for treasure One day while the pirates are fighting the Admiral and his crew Roger saves the day in an unexpected way, causing his crew to gain respect for him I think that this book could be good when

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    Well Developed character Brett Helquist, illustrator for Lemony Snicket s Series of Unfortunate Events, sets sail with this swashbuckling picture book about a positive thinking pirate Captured in dramatic scenes of patch eyed, stern looking pirates always ready for fighting, Helquist s tale centers around Roger, a lousy pirate whose chipper demeanor means banishment below deck when there s pillaging to be done So when justice seeking British officers decide to overtake the ship, the apt

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    Roger loved being a pirate, but he was a very lousy pirate All of his shipmates would call him jolly , which was an insult, because he was not very good at being and doing the things that pirates do He smiled instead of scowled, grinned instead of growled, and sang happy songs instead of dismal ones One day when their ship was under attack, Roger was sent below While below he found himself into mischief, but ended up being helpful in the end The ending was a surprise and children would rea Rog

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