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Revenge & Reconciliation: Understanding South Asian History In This Remarkable Study, Well Known Biographer Rajmohan Gandhi, Underscoring The Prominence In The Mahabharata Of The Revenge Impulse, Follows Its Trajectory In South Asian History Side By Side, He Traces The Role Played By Reconcilers Up To Present Times, Beginning With The Buddha, Mahavira And Asoka. After many years of break from South Asian history, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It presents a nuanced take on South Asian history by focusing on two key themes of Revenge and Reconciliation throughout South Asian history I will strongly recommend it to my South Asian friends or others who have some idea about South Asia for others, you might wanna read a straightforward book or watch BBC s documentary The Story of India before you dive into this one There were four key takeaways for me from this book 1 As a Pakistani, I never really had the opportunity to read about Gandhi s role in South Asian history not even in the Cambridge s nuanced Pakistan Studies is the role of Gandhi explained I will love to read about him It particularly amazed me how he challenged the caste distinctions and still retained the respect from segments of the Indian society that couldn t be opposed to most of his philosophy Particularly, the role of Gandhi just after Partition seems to intrigue me and I might research on that som role model fascinating book rajmohan Gandhi is one of the best author of indian history I like his writing style I have read most of his books the good boatman is my favourite book

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