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Restoration Kings And Fools, Mistresses And Madmen Tremain Provides A Rich, Boisterous, And Wonderfully Entertaining Novel Of Th Century England In Which A Former Glovemaker Loses The King S Favor When He Falls In Love With His Own Wife

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    Steeped in the voices and eccentricities of the age of Charles the second, Restoration A Novel of Seventeenth Century England is wonderful I felt like I had been transported back in time to all the disagreeable muck and smells and ribaldry of the 1660s At first I though

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    I have the same problem and pleasures with this historical novel set during the reign of Charles II as I do with the author s Music and Silence.At once pleasingly rich but with annoying inaccuracies like the Quaker studying at an English university Anglicans only back th

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    A really enjoyable Restoration farce with a great deal of heart Robert Merivel is a would be physician and son of a glove maker to the king He lives for pleasure and is something of a rake and does not take his medical studies too seriously He comes to the attention of th

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    I found this book quite intriguing The character of Robert Merivel is sympathetic and does a believable character arc, changing from a shallow person into a thoughtful physician Tremain does a great job with her historical research, creating a nuanced seventeenh century wo

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    First paragraph Look at me Without my periwig, I am an affront to neatness My hair what is left of it is the colour of sand and wiry as hogs bristles my ears are of uneven size my forehead is splattered with freckles my nose, which of course my wig can t conceal, however lo

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    You may be familiar with the Restoration and Charles II Or maybe not Regardless, Rose Tremain gives this historical period double meaning in her novel, Restoration Restoration is a novel which can t be ignored as it is simply alive with sounds, emotions, and colors immediate

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    This is a story about Robert Merivel At the beginning of the story he is an aspiring physician The setting is Restoration England, this being when the English, Scottish and Irish monarchies were restored under the Stuart, King Charles II, in 1660 Merivel comes to be married t

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    Utterly charming, poignant and beautifully written After the brilliance of The Gustav Sonata 2016 , Sacred Country 1992 which has rocketed into the list of my all time favourite books , The Darkness Of Wallis Simpson 2005 which is a collection of her short stories, Restoration

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    Tremain s book is written in first person, which doesn t usually work for me, but I really enjoyed this The book follows the misadventures of Robert Merivel, who is really immature and even a little thick at times, despite being a rather gifted physician In his pursuit of pleas

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    This is one of my favourite books of all time The main character, Merivel, is a person ahead of his time in nearly everything he attempts When he decides to paint, it is in a Fauvist style in the 1660 s He winds up in trouble and much misunderstood, and his inherent selfishness

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