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Relative Fortunes (A Julia Kydd Novel Book 1) A really good read Engaging characters plot written in a style true to the era depicted The sleuthing is very natural and believable and our main characters are very likable It captures the sparkle of New York in the early twenties and the prevalent stark cl Set in Manhattan in a time of suffragists and prohibition, bootleggers and soap box orators, Julia Kydd, a bibliophile and modern woman, finds herself in a situation that requires her to solve the mystery concerning the suspicious death of her friend s sister As she delves into Naomi s life and death, she sees parallels between her situation in which her estranged brother controls her fortune, and Naomi s, whose brother forced her into dire circumstances by controlling her inheritance I loved that the author never preached about the issues and lets the readers draw their own conclusions while providing a clear view of the issues of the time Women have been tortured and suffered in order to get the vote A new type of modern woman is envisioned, a woman with independence and free will in all areas of her life This type of woman is still held back by the norms of the day a brother or father or uncle is required for them to set up a bank account, and it s the norm for the males to control the purse strings Sexual independence is almost unfathomable It s still the case that a woman must marry to secure her fortune The reader is dropped into this tumultuous time of great social change There is a lot of food for thought At the end, I realized that although so much was done to secure our right to vote, women s rights still have a long way to go to be considered equal We still do In Relative Fortunes, we meet Julia Kydd, a woman who is just shy of 25 but wise beyond her years Julia encounters an acquaintance named Glennis who discovers her progressive sister has died..supposedly under some rather mysterious circumstances Despite Julia s hesitation, she soon becomes engrossed in a ve One concept here struck me, only because it is a pet peeve of mine and I ve never seen an author address it I m not even sure if the author is aware of what she highlighted in this passage But it is the insistence of women for their rights without responsibility I ve seen it over and over again, and we see it here in Chapter 21 I work to suit myself, not you or anyone else That s the glory of a private press I can print what I like, how I like, without pandering to the tastes of oafish buyers like you So as liberated and free as Julia thinks she is, she still needs someone else s money, some man s money, to do her thing, with no responsibility for supporting herself At least the conversation with Phillip causes her to recognize this, sort of, her self indulgence and at least she thinks about and supports less fortunate women Substitute oafish managers like you and you get the modern version of this A woman gets her back up and quits in a huff or otherwise jeopardizes her career and never admits to herself that she has this luxury because she has a husband who earns enough to support the family It never occurs to her that her husband does not have the same luxury because he, ultimately, is the breadwinner whether she admits it or not And of course, she makes it difficult for other women For every 100 responsib Slow going I found this book difficult to get through The storyline really dragged for 3 4 of the way through, and it only picked up towards the end That said, while there were a few moments where it didn t seem to peak my interest, I did end up liking it in the end I m generally a f 3.75 rounded up to 4I went into this book with fairly high hopes, and wasn t too disappointed.Julia is my favourite kind of post Victorian era woman confident, independant, and thoroughly unamused by any attempt to prevent her from doing what she wanted to do.Her brother, not so much One problem I had throughout this book is that his character didn t fit with his actions, and in fact seemed completely in conflict with them Even the revelation at the end of the book didn t shed any light, despite intending to do just that The relative ease with which Julia accepts this behaviour Intriguing and Enlightening This book was well written and actually forces the reader to use a dictionary and encyclopedia What a treat in a sea of quickly written simplistic fluff The characters are believable and sympathetic To really understand how far women s rights Wonderful suffragist history and a murder mystery, too Engrossing book.As a mystery enthusiast, especially those set in the 1920 s, I chose this book However, to find that it includes so much women s history thrilled me I minored in Women s History in college I earned a straight 4.0 We still have to This started slow but ended strong Full RTC 3.5 stars KINDLE Relative Fortunes A Julia Kydd Novel Book 1 Author Marlowe Benn Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk In 1920s New York, The Price Of A Woman S Independence Can Be Exorbitant Even Fatal In 1924 Manhattan, Women S Suffrage Is Old News For Sophisticated Booklover Julia Kydd, Life S Too Short For Politics With Her Cropped Hair And Penchant For Independent Living, Julia Wants Only To Launch Her Own New Private Press But As A Woman, Julia Must Fight For What S Hers Including The Inheritance Her Estranged Half Brother, Philip, Has Challenged, Putting Her Aspirations In Jeopardy.When Her Friend S Sister, Naomi Rankin, Dies Suddenly Of An Apparent Suicide, Julia Is Shocked At The Wealthy Family S Indifference Toward The Ardent Suffragist S Death Naomi Chose Poverty And Hardship Over A Submissive Marriage And A Husband S Control Of Her Money Now, Her Death Suggests The Struggle Was Than She Could Bear.Julia, However, Is Skeptical Doubtful Of Her Suspicions, Philip Proposes A Glib Wager If Julia Can Prove Naomi Was In Fact Murdered, He Ll Drop His Claims To Her Wealth Julia Soon Discovers Naomi S Life Was As Turbulent And Enigmatic As Her Death And As She Gets Closer To The Truth, Julia Sees There S Much At Stake Than Her Inheritance

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Relative Fortunes (A Julia Kydd Novel Book 1) book, this is one of the most wanted Marlowe Benn author readers around the world.

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