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Reign in Hell William Diehl Stunned Readers With Primal Fear And Show Of Evil, The National Bestsellers Featuring Chicago Lawyer Martin Vail Now, In His Gripping New Novel Of Suspense, Diehl Enters Uncharted Territory, Pushing Vail And The Legal System He Represents To The Brink Of DestructionAfter An Ultra Right Wing Militia Seizes Truckloads Of Highly Volatile Weapons, The President Turns To Illinois Attorney General Martin Vail His Job Nail The Terrorists In Their Tracks Vail Plunges Into His New, Near Impossible Mission, One That Soon Explodes Into A Personal Nightmare As His Most Chilling Adversary, Aaron Stampler, Returns Seemingly From The Dead To Exact A Vengeance That Could Bring Vail To His Knees

About the Author: William Diehl

William Diehl was an American novelist and photojournalist.Diehl was fifty years old and already a successful photographer and journalist when he decided to begin a writing career His first novel, Sharky s Machine, which became a movie by the same name was directed by and starred Burt Reynolds Diehl saw the movie shot on location in and around his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia Following the success of Sharky s Machine, Diehl relocated to St Simons Island, GA in the early 80 s where he lived for the next 15 years before going back to the Atlanta area While living on St Simons, he completed eightnovels, including Primal Fear, which also became a movie by the same name starring Richard Gere and Edward Norton Diehl died at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta on November 24, 2006, of an aortic aneurism He was a resident of Woodstock, Georgia at the time of his death and was working on his tenth novel.

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    DAMN IT I really wanted this to be as good as the others, I just could not get the story it was WAY OVER THE TOP I enjoy comic books, and this was to over the top Lol well this was the end of the Martian Vail series And I m not happy but glad it s over I don t think I d be to thrilled to read 1after that mess

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    Reign in Hell continues the story of Martin Vail and Aaron Stampler Like Primal Fear and Show of Evil, you will be dressed in goosebumps as you read and cringe Diehl weaves together multiple plots and despicable characters that will make you happy this is in a novel and not reality Well, maybe I can t make that reality statementRead these novels in order Primal Fear, Show of Evil and Reign in Hell Brush

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    You might ask, having seen my usual taste in books, whatever possessed me to read this book I ll tell you, I don t know I was heading out the door about to embark on a 7 hour bus ride and an 11 hour flight, with 4 hours hanging out time, when I suddenly realized I had not packed a book This task is usually done a few days in advance of travel and a culmination of much thought and debate I couldn t face an instan

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    A great ending to the Vail series Highly recommended

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    Disappointing after the other 2.

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    Poor sequel but a solid political thriller No doubt in my mind at all Primal Fear and Show of Evil hold down two places in the pantheon of the finest, most frightening thrillers ever written William Diehl should be proud that, as a starring villain, Aaron Stampler can hold his evil head high in a terrifying literary rogue s gallery that would include the likes of Hannibal Lecter, Voldemort, Lord Sauron, Count Fosco, Bill Sikes and Moriart

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    I read some the reviews on goodreads before embarking on Reign in Hell I actually read quite a few of them, at least in my standards, because I tend not to read too many reviews before reading the book so as not to spoil it.So, I knew pretty much the idea in the story and that there would be a lot of stuff Diehl wanted to really write about like war, different equipment used in war and tactics and such so it really wasn t the Stampler vs Vail expe

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    Several years before Coronavirus You re at the doctor s office There s a stack of paperbacks on a shelf You pick up Reign in Hell you read until the receptionist tells you the doctor is ready to see you now You return the book to its proper place On your way out, you decide to ask the receptionist to borrow the copy, but you feel so stupid that you keep your mouth shut Your neighborhood store doesn t have a copy, so you order it online You have to know how

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    Ordinarily I avoid mainstream novels, I had to add a category for them on my lists, but this ended up in front of me and the premise was current Totally caught me up, and a block buster ending All reviews prefer the previous two books, but straight up murder doesn t interest me The fantasy of a militia taking on the country, when in real life they took a bird sanctuary, forget to bring food, and begged the government to deliver it to them, only to get dildo s So it

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    Least fav book in this series, William Diehl was a great writer but I just did not enjoy this one as much as the others simply because the subject matter of government stuff and militia does not interest me much and also Aaron Stampler is like BARELY in this book it didn t pick up till the last like 100 pages it was only exciting the last like 10 pgs still good tho Least fav book in this series, William Diehl was a great writer but I just did not enjoy this one as much as t

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