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Rebel Girls Rebel Girls really appealed to me based off the time that the book takes place in The year is 1992 and I was in high school then There were some definite reminders that felt accurate of the time period Others not so much Athena is the girl I wish I was While I thought I was feminist and had some feminist views, I wasn t into punk yet, I obsessed too much over boys, and I very much cared what people thought of me I wanted to fit in, not stand out In some ways, I m still like that I don t like the focus or attention on me I am now into punk I now love the fun hair colors I am married, but I do have my own life, too But I do still want people to like me So I guess I m a bit Athena now and still a bit high school Kristi.As you would expect when picking up this book based off the title and synopsis, Rebel Girls is feminist Athena is into Riot Grrrl music and zines She especially loves Bikini Kill and often wonders what Kathleen Hanna would think of her In case you don t know what Riot Grrl is about, it s very feminist It s all about body confidence and liking who you are It s not conforming It s about knowing who you are and being that person It s about feminism It s punk rock Athena still struggled at times with these things She did try to avoid bands once they became mainstream and popular She was pro choice and I was given a copy of this book by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and all thoughts are my own Holy crap This book is SO good, y all It s not out till September but you should definitely read it It basically covers the Life Choice conversations happening in the south in 1992 in a fictional Baton Rouge Catholic high school and it s got Riot Grrrls and 90 s punk rock and Bikini Kill and third wave feminism critique and yeah it s also dead on accurate for my current feelings about the same damn topic over and over and over again.The book is set about four years before I hit my freshman year of high school so all of the music and pop culture and political references churned up some pretty solid nostalgia I mean, listen I didn t love high school a whole lot but I think almost everyone has a fondness for their teen years even if you couldn t pay them enough to ever go back And my brother is four years older than I am so a lot of his music trickled down to me.It did take me a minute to realize that it was, in fact, set in the 90 s and even longer to realize that this was a teen story with no cell phones Call waiting and your parents being able to tell when you re on the phone at night What Oh, those were the days I m kidding I m never going back.The abortion life choice conversation was really well done I have always and forever been ProChoice but I grew up in Disclaimer I received this book for free from NetGalley and Inkyard Press in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I LOVED this book I feel like it did a pretty good job of filling the hole Moxie left behind when I finished that earlier this year It s smart, the characters are great, and it doesn t hesitate to take on a difficult topic.Before I go and squeal about it some , I do want to leave some possible trigger warnings for the book, and turn offs, depending on your politics Rebel Girls discusses extreme bullying, and there is one scene where a character s locker is covered in graphic images of unborn fetuses Additionally, one of the themes of this book is the abortion conversation and it found it leans to pro choice If you are a pro life supporter, you may find parts of this book offensive, depending on your comfort levels in the discussion.Rebel Girls is set in Louisiana in the early 90s Our protagonist, Athena thanks, Mom , loves the Riot Grrl revolution, but she goes to a strict Catholic School and they aren t always supportive of her ideals On the political spectrum, Athena swings left but she s not outspoken and forceful about it though she definitely wants to be I liked Athena a lot as a character because she was so well balanced I think it s easy t In fairness because this book isn t out for a couple months, I won t leave a rating because it s a low one Still love the cover though.While I appreciate the attempt and idea behind this book, it just isn t it Everything is so messy and I m sorry to say even the writing wasn t good This book is all about a girl whose sister ends up in the middle of a bad rumor that is ruining her life at their Catholic school in 1992 until she decides to fight back.That s one of my issues though, a lot of this book is about other people doing things and not the MC Athena ever taking an active role Even when she finally does, it is all because of her pro choice and feminist best friend, not because of her own ideas and drive I would have 100% liked this book if it was from the best friend s POV Also there were a lot of weird comments coming from Athena and everyone else talking about her sister Helen s body and how jealous she was her sister is 14 and it weirded me out.Athena s love life or messy attempts at getting a boyfriend took a weirdly large part of this book and I was just so unintere I received a digital ARC of this title from Edelweiss for an honest review Rebel girl Rebel girl Rebel girl, you are the queen of my world Athena attends a Catholic high school in Baton Rouge in the early 90s This year, her little sister Helen is joining her Helen is everything that Athena is not she s outgoing, gorgeous, and popular But when Athena s best friend s girlfriend spreads a rumor that Helen had an abortion over the summer after getting pregnant by a super racist classmate, Athena has to take matters into her own hands.Events here echo the events of today f This is a great book Everyone ages 9 and up should have this put in their hands to read ASAP When her anti choice younger sister Helen is rud to have had an abortion by their Catholic school s mean girls clique, her pro choice, riot grrrl sister Athena and her friends build a campaign to counter the accusations and to make everyone rethink their positions on shame, privacy, and autonomy Along the way, Athena, whose collections of zines and punk rock albums is a solid reading and playlist for anyone interested, deals with a romance with a jerk her ultimate response to him is empowering, y all It s a terrific scene , her relationship with a black football player who s been admitted to the school for his athletic prowess and is the victim of blatant racism and manipulation, and the desire to become a str As a 1990s teen who was into indie rock and Green Party and Rock The Vote, this book encapsulated so much of what I was feeling at the time I m old But it s not just a nostalgia trip with great characters though seriously, I would have been friends with Athena and we would have listened to Throwing Muses and The Replacements together , it s fun and funny and m CAN T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK SOUNDS VERY EXCITING It S 1992, And There S A Rumor Spreading In Baton Rouge When It Comes To Being Social, Athena Graves Is Far Comfortable Creating A Mixtape Playlist Than She Is Talking To Cute Boys Or Anyone, For That Matter Plus Her Staunchly Feminist Views And Love Of Punk Rock Aren T Exactly Mainstream At St Ann S, Her Conservative Catholic High School.Then A Malicious Rumor Starts Spreading Through The Halls A Rumor That Her Popular, Pretty, Pro Life Sister Had An Abortion Over The Summer A Rumor That Has The Power To Not Only Hurt Helen, But Possibly See Her Expelled.Despite Their Wildly Contrasting Views, Athena, Helen And Their Friends Must Find A Way To Convince The Student Body And The Administration That It Doesn T Matter What Helen Did Or Didn T Do Even If Their Riot Grrrl Protests Result In The Expulsion Of Their Entire Rebel Girl Gang. Copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Review to come soon

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