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Rant: The Oral History of Buster Casey Rant Takes The Form Of An Oral History Of One Buster Rant Casey, In Which An Assortment Of Friends, Enemies, Admirers, Detractors And Relations Have Their Say On This In Chuck Palahniuk S Words Evil, Gender Conflicted Forrest Gump CharacterBuster Casey Was Every Small Kid Born Into A Small Town, Searching For Real Thrills In A World Of Video Games And Action Adventure Movies Anyone Who S Ever Kissed Him Would Do Well To Seek Treatment, For His Recreational Drug Of Choice Is Rabies And He Gets Bitten By Black Widow Spiders For The Priapic Effect Of Their Venom The High School Rebel Who Wins, Rant Casey Escapes From His Hometown Of Middleton For The Big City, Where He Becomes A Leader Of An Urban Demolition Derby Called Party Crashing Where, On Designated Nights, The Participants Recognise Each Other By Dressing Their Cars With Tin Can Tails And Just Married Toothpaste Graffiti Or With Forgotten Coffee Mugs Bolted To Their Car Roofs Or Christmas Trees Tied From Bumper To Bumper During Specific Windows Of Time, In Limited Areas Of The City, Party Crashers Look For The Designated Markings In Order To Stalk And Crash Into Each Other It S In This Violent, Late Night Hunting Game That Casey Meets Three Friends And After His Spectacular Death, These Friends Gather The Testimony Needed To Build An Oral History Of His Short Life Their Collected Anecdotes Explore The Charges That His Saliva Infected Hundreds And Caused A Silent, Urban Plague Of Rabies But It S A Plague That Liberates His Peers From Being Stuck In Only One Boring Track Through HistoryExpect Hilarity, Horror And Blazing Insight Into The Desperate And Surreal Contemporary Human Condition As Only Chuck Palahniuk Can Deliver It He S The Post Millennial Jonathan Swift, The Man To Watch To Learn What S Uh Oh Coming Next

About the Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Written in stolen moments under truck chassis and on park benches to a soundtrack of The Downward Spiral and Pablo Honey, Fight Club came into existence The adaptation of Fight Club was a flop at the box office, but achieved cult status on DVD The film s popularity drove sales of the novel Chuck put out two novels in 1999, Survivor and Invisible Monsters Choke, published in 2001, became Chuck s first New York Times bestseller Chuck s work has always been infused with personal experience, and his next novel, Lullaby, was no exception Chuck credits writing Lullaby with helping him cope with the tragic death of his father Diary and the non fiction guide to Portland, Fugitives and Refugees, were released in 2003 While on the road in support of Diary, Chuck began reading a short story entitled Guts, which would eventually become part of the novel Haunted.In the years that followed, he continued to write, publishing the bestselling Rant, Snuff, Pygmy, Tell All, a remix of Invisible Monsters, Damned, and most recently, Doomed Chuck also enjoys giving back to his fans, and teaching the art of storytelling has been an important part of that In 2004, Chuck began submitting essays to ChuckPalahniuk.net on the craft of writing These were How To pieces, straight out of Chuck s personal bag of tricks, based on the tenants of minimalism he learned from Tom Spanbauer Every month, a Homework Assignment would accompany the lesson, so Workshop members could apply what they had learned all 36 of these essays can currently be found on The Cult s sister site, LitReactor.com.Then, in 2009, Chuck increased his involvement by committing to read and review a selection of fan written stories each month The best stories are currently set to be published in Burnt Tongues, a forthcoming anthology, with an introduction written by Chuck himself His next novel, Beautiful You, is due out in October 2014.

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    I can t do it I can t finish this book Usually Palahniuk creates fairly unsympathetic characters, as in this book, and that I m used to Because it WORKS the plot lines of his books are always ridiculous in a totally fascinating way, which makes up for the stupid characters However, Rant bored the fuck out of me I tried I readthan half and I do not care about this

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    I m not a Chuck P fan simply because he is edgy or because I get off on the so called depravity of his often violent and sexual themes I know a few folks like that What I enjoyed most about this book was the structure, the measured reveal Based on the oral tradition, each chapter is composed of brief statements from a cast of dozens Individually, these narrators are hopel

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    WTF did I just read and why did I finish it This book is a mish mash of narrators, grossness, time travel, car crashes, a rabies plague, segregation and dull characters I kept hoping it would improve and then it was just over This story somewhat follows a dull witted character named Buster or Rant as he s better known who gets off on catching rabies His attraction to pain and rab

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    Chuck Palahniuk is the literary equivalent of punk rock In a book that pulls on varied and important themes, Rant An Oral History of Buster Casey manages to feature an exceptionally peculiar storyline that never stops at its primary goal being a hell of a good time This is a book that deals with important topics, like religion and the meaning of life, but doesn t keep itself neatly organ

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    What the hell Let me first say I love Chuck P I love his usually disturbing stories and weird characters I don t mind the fact that he seems a little crazy, and I don t mind all of the sex he writes about I also don t mind the gory gross factor I like him This book was just bad in my opinion Maybe if I knew it had an amazing ending I could have pushed through the last half, but after the first h

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    This is the story of a small town hell raiser named Buster Rant Casey who did some slightly unusual things when he was growing up like collecting bucketfuls of his classmate s teeth Young Rant also angersanimals than Steve Irwin so that they ll bite him and infect him with rabies which he deliberately spreads to his class mates After he grows up and moves to the city, Rant joins a disenfranchised part o

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    A Brief CaveatIt feels somewhat strange and almost in bad taste to be reviewing a Chuck Palahnuik book because this just happened If you don t want to search through the link Paquita one of the coolest peeps on Goodreads made mention of the fact that Chuck P had recommended the book she had just read and if she had known that, then she probably wouldn t have read the book because she doesn t care much for the s

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    History is nothing except monsters or victims Or witnessesChuck Palahniuk, RantHE was close He was so damn close He just didn t close it at the end It was a poem that ended in a whimper The mixture was nearly perfect, just not flammable But don t say Chuck didn t try I imagine Palahniuk had Ballard s Crash and Benford s Timescape, several Oral Histories, and perhaps even Hofstadter s G del, Escher, Bach An Eternal Gold

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    It s not everyday you read a book about rabies, the origins of God, time travel, and bumper cars Seeing that this is a Chuck Palahniuk book, I shouldn t be surprised that this novel hops barriers and barrels through genres without a single fuck given for your comfort or confusion level Buster Rant Casey can tell you what you had for breakfast three days ago, what kind of flowers you have waiting in a vase back at home, and whe

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    First off, a disclaimer I love Chuck P like a brother If the man was on dialysis I d give him a kidney even if I only had one good one left and consider it payback for all the stories of his that I ve enjoyed since discovering his work The lowdown Rant tells the story of Rant Casey a small town kid that turns his little town on it s ear before moving to the city to continue his work The book is comprised of accounts from people that k

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